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Identify A – Semilunar
 Identify B – Linea Alba
 What muscle
originates from the
inferior attachment of
B? – Pyramidalis
 What is the
innervation of the
rectus abdominis? Anterior rami of T6T12 spinal nerves
Identify 1 –
Genitofemoral nerve
 Identify 2 – Left crus
of diaphragm
 What are the nerve
roots of 1? – L1-L2
 Name two functions
of psoas major –
Flexion at hip joint,
stabilises thigh,
bilateral contraction
raises trunk from
supine position.
Identify A – Spinous
 Identify B – Pedicle
 At which vertebral
level does the most
intervertebral; disc
lie at? – Between
L5 and S1
 What structure
forms the central
part of an
intervertebral disc?
– Nucleus pulposus
Identify A – Perineal body
Specifically Identify B –
Glans clitoris
Name 2 muscles that attach
to A - External anal
sphincter, Bulbospongiosus
muscle, superficial
transverse perineal
muscle, Anterior fibers of
the levator ani, external
urinary sphincter, deep
transverse perineal muscle
What nerve innervates B? –
Dorsal nerve to clitoris
Specifically identify 1
– Left internal iliac
 Identify 2 – Round
ligament of uterus
 What embryological
structure is 2 derived
from? Gubernaculum
 What are the three
branches of the
pudendal nerve? –
Inferior rectal,
perineal and dorsal
Identify A –
pubic ramus
 Identify B – Anterior
superior iliac spine
 Which part of the
pelvis does the head
of the femur
articulate with? –
 What bony landmark is
used for a pudendal
nerve block? – Ischial
 Identify
A – Posterior
median furrow
 Identify B – Latissimus
 What is the innervation of
B with root values? –
Thoracodorsal nerve,
 At what vertebral level do
the posterior superior iliac
spines lie at? - S2
Identify 1 – Facial artery
 Identify 2 – Masseter
 Name 3 branches of the
facial nerve.-Temporal,
zygomatic, buccal,
marginal mandibular or
 Specifically, what type of
joint is the
joint? – Modified
synovial, hinge joint
Identify A – Dens of axis
 Identify B – Superior
articular process of
 What 2 parts of the
vertebral column show
a lordosis? Cervical and
 What 2 structures pass
through the transverse
foramina of cervical
vertebra? Vertebral
arteries + vertebral
 Identify
A – Glabella
 Identify B – Ala of Nose
 What are the four branches
of the facial artery? –
Inferior labial, superior
labial, lateral nasal,
 What lymph nodes do lymph
from the chin drain into? –
Submental lymph nodes
Identify 1 – Lateral
 Identify 2 – Superior
oblique muscle
 In ophthalmoscopy,
where is the area of
most acute vision? –
Fovea centralis
 What cranial nerves
are responsible for the
afferent and efferent
limbs of the corneal
reflex? Afferent : CN
V1 , Efferent: CN VII
 Identify
A - Pterion
 Identify B – Zygomatic
 What artery runs
underneath A? – Middle
meningeal artery
 What two bones form B?
– Zygomatic and
temporal bones
 Identify
A - Liver
 Identify B – Abdominal
 What region does the
superior mesenteric
artery supply? Midgut
 What three structures
form the portal triad?
Hepatic portal vein,
Hepatic artery,
Common bile duct
 Identify
A – Obturator
 Identify B – Ischial
 What pelvic
measurement shows
the narrowest part of
the birth canal? –
 What vertebral level
is the origin of the
ovarian vessels? L2
 Identify
A – Larynx
 Identify B – Thyroid
 What is the specific
innervation of the
platysma? Cervical branch
of facial nerve
 What pharyngeal muscle
does CNIX supply?
 Identify
A – Maxillary sinus
 Identify B – Ethmoidal sinus
 What part of the nasal cavity
does the frontal sinus drain
into? Middle nasal meatus
 What meningeal structure is
attached to the crista galli?
Falx cerebri
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