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How many triangles can you see in
this picture?
How would you
balance these 6
5kg, 11kg, 29kg,
19kg, 7kg and 23kg
How many squares are there on
a chessboard?
A train which Is 200m long
enters a 1 km long tunnel.
If the train is travelling 100
metres per second how long
before the end of the train
leaves the tunnel?
• I have 4 counters numbered
• Use each counter once
• What is the largest number I
can achieve by making 2
digit numbers and
multiplying them?
There are some goats and
ducks around a pond. They
have 40 heads and 88 feet
between them. How many
goats are there? How many
ducks are there?
The security door at the football
college has a door code of 1966.
The door can, in fact be opened by
any combination of these numbers
(e.g. 6196). How many different
combinations are there to open the
In an Indian restaurant 2 samosas
and 3 pakoras cost £3.10, but 3
samosas and 2 pakoras cost £2.90.
How much is one pakora?
Five people share a tent for a holiday
for 5 nights. They all agree to say
goodnight to everyone else in the tent
every night.
How many times is the word
goodnight spoken throughout the