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Colorectal Cancer
Mr Eoghan Condon, MD,FRCSI.
Consultant Colorectal Surgeon
Mid Western Regional Hospital
 Second most commonly diagnosed
cancer in men and women in ireland
 1900 cases per year
 Ave 8 per week diagnosed in the Mid
western hospital group . Six surgeries
per week.
 No definite link to any virus food or
 Diseases Crohns and Ulcerative colitis
significant links
 Genetics Familial polyposis coli,
Microsatellite instability.
 5 year survival in ireland for colorectal
cancer is 50%
 5 year survival in the USA is 75%
 Why ? Early detection.
 Every body is screened in the US at 50
Ireland Screening
 2012
 12 million
 55-74
 Based on immunohsitocemical screening
 12 centres, Ennis new endoscopy suite
has applied to centre.
 Expected to increase survival
 10-15% population
 10yrs before
 Adenomas
 >1 cm increases
Family history and risk of
colorectal cancer
Symptoms that define high
risk and low risk patients
Urgent referral
 Over 50 years of age
 Rectal bleeding persistently without anal symptoms
 Change of bowel habit to looser stools and/or
increased frequency of defaecation, without
bleeding, persisting for > 6 weeks
Urgent referral
 All ages
 Definite palpable abdominal/ rectal mass
 Rectal bleeding with a change in bowel habit to
looser stools and/or increased frequency
persistent for > 6 weeks
 Iron deficiency anaemia without an obvious cause
Treatment options – are based on
 Surgery
 Radiotherapy
 chemotherapy
On the occasion of Dr. George Crile, Sr.’s twenty-five thousandth thyroidectomy (June 3,
1936), thirteen people crowded around the patient - some without masks or gowns. Barney
is the fourth from left; his father is across from him. Third from right is the Chief’s longtime
secretary, Amy Rowland.
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