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Greek Mythology Scavenger Hunt
Directions: Use the websites below to help you with discovering more about Greek Mythology.
Answer the questions that follow.
Scavenger Hunt Questions
1. Who were the king and queen of Mount Olympus?
2. What god was the god of the sky?
3. What two gods were brothers to Poseidon?
4. What god ate his children in order to ensure his safety?
5. Which god drives the sun across the sky with his chariot?
6. Which titan holds the world on his back?
7. Which titan is the father of the sun?
8. What part of Hades did good people go?
9. What goddess do myths say sprang out of her father’s forehead?
10. What did Rhea trick her husband into doing?
11. Which titan could predict the future?
12. What god was the god of wealth?
13. What god would appear on Earth as a human to trick women he fell in love with?
14. Which god is considered the only "ugly" god?
15. Who was the titan of intelligence?
16. How was Hercules killed?