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Westerberg, English 1-2
Introduction Study Questions
Directions: For full credit, your responses must be fully-developed and typed. Include
specific examples from the text that support your answers.
1. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, what was the purpose of their mythology?
2. What is the first written record of Greece called and who was the author?
3. What do the myths show us about the early Greeks? Don’t rely on your own
interpretation; cite specifics from the introduction.
4. Why did the portrayal of Zeus change over the years?
5. What is Theogony and why is it important?
6. What interested you most about the information presented in the introduction?
7. Skim through the chapters that follow. If you had to report on one hero, god, or any of
the other Greek characters in this book, whom would you select? Why are you interested
in this person/being?