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Date: 07/6/2022
Entrepreneurship Test for S3 / 2021/2022
SECTION A: Attempt All Questions (55 marks)
1) State and explain three types of resources (6marks)
2) What are sources of Career information? (6marks)
3) What are importances of communication in business? (6marks)
4) What are categories of manufacturing enterprises? (4marks)
5) Explain Advantages of Verbal communication. (6marks)
6) What are factors that influence consumption? (5marks)
7) What are objectives of Rwanda bureau of standards? (5marks)
8) State and explain four forms of saving. (5marks)
9. What are the three basic economic questions that an entrepreneur must consider before starting a
business project? (5marks)
10. Summarize the users of Accounting information and how they use it. (5marks)
11. What are types of transactions (2marks?)
SECTION B: Attempt 3 Questions only
11) a. Describe any types of needs. (5marks)
b.Giving an examples explain any three Sectors of production (10marks)
12) Mr.Gakire John is a businessperson whose business has been registered with Rwanda Development
Board (RDB) and Rwanda revenue Authority (RRA) for two years. After gaining the profit, he refused to
pay taxes. As a Rwandan Citizen, advise Mr.Gakire on importance of paying tax. (15marks)
13) a) In ten line explain how can you protect environment(7marks)
b) Justify the role of Inyange LTD, in Rwanda socio economic development. (8marks)
14. Discuss about importance of accounting records (15marks)