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Making crystals
• Materials: Bunsen burner, tripod, gauze mat, 250 mL beaker, popsicle stick, string, seed
crystal, plastic container, thermometer
• 1. Get a 250 mL beaker with 50 mL of copper sulfate solution set up on a tripod above the
Bunsen burner.
• 2. Put on a blue flame.
• 4. Once boiling, raise your hand, and I will add a scoop of copper sulfate
• 5. Stir in between scoops to dissolve (use thermometer - CAREFULLY)
• 6. Raise your hand when you need more (repeat step 5-6 until you cannot dissolve
• 7. Tie a seed crystal to a piece of string, attach to the popsicle stick to dangle in the plastic
• 8. Label with a sticky-note and put in side room