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❖ Heath is a person's mental, social and physical well being. Not simply the absence of disease.
➢ Physical Health
■ The body
➢ Mental health
■ How you feel about yourself
➢ Social Health
■ How you relate to others
❖ Wellness is a philosophy in which you believe we control our own health by making healthy
choices and healthy decisions
❖ Personality is the sum total of who you are
➢ Everyone has a personality
➢ Attitudes
➢ Emotions
➢ Goals
➢ Physical traits
➢ Behaviors
➢ Decision making
❖ 3 factors that influence personality
➢ Genetics
➢ Environment
➢ Change is inevitable
➢ Values (our beliefs)
■ Values dictate behavior and guides how we live
❖ Personality Types
➢ A
■ Impatient, aggressive, achievement oriented
➢ B
■ Chill, laid back, patient, unmotivated
➢ Passive- likely to let something go
➢ Aggressive- likely to not let something go and possibly get into trouble
➢ Assertive-strive to be this
➢ Optimistic
➢ Pessimistic
➢ Realistic
➢ Extroverted
➢ Introverted
➢ Motivated
➢ Unmotivated
❖ Emotions- Our true feelings (no negative emotions only negative behaviors)
➢ 5 main emotions
➢ Love
➢ Elation
➢ Anger
➢ Fear (anxiety)
➢ Sadness (depression)
➢ Guilt- too much wasted energy
➢ Empathy- feeling what others feel
❖ Behavior
➢ The way one conducts oneself
➢ Anything organism does involving action and response to a situation
➢ Represent and individual or group behavior
❖ Abraham slow- American psychologist who invented a model about human behavior titled the
Hierarchy of Needs
➢ Self actualization (reached full potential) (aesthetic needs)
➢ Need to explore and understand (aesthetic needs)
➢ To achieve (build self esteem and become happier with you) (emotional needs)
➢ Need for acceptance (to belong, to love and to be loved) (emotional needs)
■ No acceptance leads to anger and sorrow
➢ Safety and security
➢ Oxygen, food and water (basic needs)
■ If you don’t have your physical needs being met then you are living in fear