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How to prescribe off-site in BP…e-script
Medicare number
Phone number
Enter in this information in demographics then click Health Identifier
Prescribe drug e.g. budesonide as usual but mark not for printing
Then tick drug in medication list – select e-script and how you want it to go to patient – email
is better as can forward onto pharmacy if they are in isolation. Remind them to call the
pharmacy to organise payment and delivery
Can patients without a Medicare number use electronic prescriptions?
If a patient does not have a Medicare number or IHI number , you will not be
able to issue them with an electronic prescription. You will need to print a
paper prescription instead. This is a Government requirement.
IHI number – yes they can, ask patient to find it through the Medicare application
In templates – see
Instructions for Tuburohaler Use
Management of Sore Throats
These can be emailed to the patient.