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Example Paragraph
Mrs.Tilly might seem an unlikely heroine. What is special about an old, uneducated woman who lives in
rural Maine? She is an extraordinary woman in many quiet but significant ways. Though she has suffered
a lot of loss in her own life, she is not at all bitter. The death of four of her children and the
disappearance of her son must have made her grieve for many years. On the contrary, she remains
optimistic and deeply forgiving! The old woman excuses her son’s behavior because he is not inclined to
write. What a selfish son! Does he not realize that his ageing mother needs love and support?
Mrs.Tilly is the one who loves and supports the vulnerable Sylvia. In spite of her age, she is willing to
look after the young girl. Additionally, Mrs. Tilly is an example of a person who maintains her dignity and
hospitable character in spite of poverty. If you were to visit her in the woods, she would welcome you
into her clean house and offer you a hearty meal. Mrs.Tilly is a fine American.
Assessment Criteria:
Is this original and individual work? 30%
Quality of English: 25%
Paragraph structure & sentence variety: 20%
Use an interrogative (question) sentence. Use at least one exclamation mark!
Content: Use of details from the story: 25%