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Revision 2 for quantitative genetics : 2019
Week 1
There are few assumption when you do quantitative genetics. Describe at least
THREE (3) assumptions that you need to make.
A study of a vole population measured tail length of a number of individuals.
What is the mean tail length of the voles analyzed in this study?
Individual 1: 1.4 cm
Individual 2: 1.6 cm
Individual 3: 1.2 cm
Individual 4: 1.5 cm
Individual 5: 0.9 cm
Individual 6: 1.2 cm (3 marks)
Week 2
2a.Dalam data kuntitatif, varians fenotip dalam populasi yang mempunyai kepelbagaian
genetik boleh dibahagikan kepda empat komponen. Apakah komponen itu?
In quantitative data, phenotypic variance of genetically variable populations can be
divided into four components. What are the components?
(5 markah/marks)
b. .The narrow sense heritability for potato weight in a starting population of potatoes is 0.42,
and the mean weight is 1.4 lb. If a breeder crosses two individuals with average potato
weights of 1.9 and 2.1 lb, respectively, what is the predicted average weight of potatoes in the
Week 3
3 a.
Compare and contrast mass selection and individual selection ( 4 marks)
Explain progeny test
Week 4
Describe the difference between narrow sense and broad sense heritability .
( 4 marks)
Phenotypic variation in the diameter of fruit of a commercially viable plant was
analyzed with the following results:
VA = 1.7
VD = 1.2
VI = 1.3
VE = 1.3
Calculate the broad-sense heritability and the narrow-sense heritability for this trait.
Considering the commercially viable fruit assessed above, predict how accessible it is to
artificial selection. Which measure of heritability will be the most useful in assessing the
potential for artificial selection?
( 5 marks)
Week 5
5a) Tunjukkan dengan menggunakan gambarajah, rekabentuk kajian yang
disebutkan dibawah. Terangkan.
Illustate with diagrams, the experimental design mentioned below.
Silang dialel dan separa dialel
Diallele cross and partial diallele cross
(10 markah/marks)
Kemampuan Pergabungan
Pergabungan Am (GCA)
Specific Combining Ability (SCA) and General Combining Ability
Week 6
6a. Banding dan bezakan depresi pembiakan dalam dengan
Compare and contrast inbreeding depression and heterosis.
(5 markah/marks)
b. This can also be be accomplished by acquiring fish from another hatchery and by making
hybrids. If the fish from the two hatcheries are unrelated, what will b einbreeding coeefient of
F1 hybrids? . In fact, many hybrid seeds that are produced commercially are produced by
crossbreeding highly inbred, but unrelated, lines. This reduces inbreeding to zero in the plants
that will be grown and also produces some hybrid vigour, as well as uniform crops.Calculate
the inbreeding coefficient of J an U?
(5 markah/marks)