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1. Draw FBDs for the following situations (be sure to include ALL forces acting on each):
a) A skydiver beginning her fall.
b) A skydiver as her chute opens.
c) A skydiver in mid-air with a chute open.
d) A book that has been thrown now sliding across the floor to a stop.
e) A painting hung on the wall supported by a nail.
f) A bird feeder tied to a tree branch with a rope.
g) A large helium balloon floating in the air and firmly attached to the ground with a
2. For each of the following forces, indicate an equal force (in magnitude or size) but
opposite in direction.
a) 2.5 N [S] = 2.5 N [N]
b) 34 N [down] = 34 N (up)
c) 125 N [right] = 125 N (left)
d) 3 N [E] = 3 N (W)
3. Is the direction of net force always in the direction of motion? Explain.
The net pressure is continually withinside the equal course because the acceleration. For gadgets
shifting in circles at regular speed, the net pressure is directed closer to the middle of the circle
approximately which the item moves.
4. Find the resultant of the following forces:
a) 34 N [E] + 20 N [W] = 14 N [E]
b) 7.0 N [S] + 2.5 N [S] = 9.5 N [S]
c) 45 N [left] + 45 N [right] = 0 N
5. Find or develop a question in which you are required to draw a free body diagram
and quantitatively determine the net force. Fully solve this question.