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Final Project-The Harlem Renaissance Newsletter
(you will save the newsletter to the homework folder with your name)
You will create a two to four page newsletter describing the work of at least one writer,
artist, and musician/musical performer during The Harlem Renaissance. Since we read works
by Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston, please select another writer. You will see a list
of artists, writers, and performers below from which you may select. We will use the
template on Microsoft Word/Publisher to create the newsletter. You will need to include the
following items in your newsletter:
1. Headline (Title) that relates to the Harlem Renaissance
Be sure to include your name on the front page of the newsletter and date
2. You must include an article (biography) about one writer, artist, and musician/musical
performer. You must write the articles in your own words. Absolutely no copy and
pasted biographies!! Each biography should be at least three paragraphs long with
info. about early life, professional career, and their contribution to The Harlem
Renaissance. You will include a Works Cited Page as your last page of the newsletter.
3. Include a biography of one of the founders of The Harlem Renaissance along with a
picture of the founder (written in your own words)
4. You must include pictures ( a picture of each person with the biography)
5. You should include at least one poem written by the poet you selected and at least
one painting of the artist that you select
6. Include an article about fashion and fads during the 1920’s (written in your own
7. Include an article about dances during the 1920’s (written in your own words) and at
least one advertisement for The Apollo Theater, Savoy Ballroom, or The Cotton Club
Countee Cullen
Aaron Douglas
Duke Ellington
Arna Bontemps
William Johnson
Louis Armstrong
Paul L. Dunbar
Lois M. Jones
Cab Callaway
James Weldon Johnson
Augusta Savage
Count Basie
Claude McKay
Bessie Smith
Jean Toomer
Lena Horne
Gwendolyn Bennett
Dizzy Gillespie
Anne Spencer
Ella Fitzgerald