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A project of ART and MATH
A tessellation is created when a shape is
repeated over and over again covering a plane
without any gaps or overlaps.
In other words, it is any repeating pattern of
interlocking shapes.
Tessellations are also sometimes known as
Not all shapes can tessellate. They need to fill
the space around the point without any gaps.
Notice, this pentagon
can NOT fit together
For the purposes of THIS project, we will be
creating a tessellation based on either;
A tessellation of
Equilateral TRIANGLES
A tessellation of
Rotation: To rotate an object means to turn it
around. Every rotation has a center and an
Translation: To translate an object means to
move it without rotating or reflecting it. Every
translation has a direction and a distance.
Reflection: To reflect an object means to
produce its mirror image. Every reflection has
a mirror line.
Glide Reflection: A glide reflection combines a
reflection with a translation along the direction
of the mirror line. Glide reflections are the only
type of symmetry that involve more than one
(I decided to TRANSLATE my piece)
Note: You HAVE to move
your second piece the same
as your first. I translated the
first piece, so this piece must
Hmmm….the possibilities are endless!
Make sure to write your NAME & HOMEROOM on the
back in PENCIL. Don’t forget that this project gives you a
mark in BOTH Art and Math!