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KPI Research and suggestions…
There is a need to determine which retailers currently carry our product, maybe
by website search, then a quarterly check to determine lost and gained retailers
so we can gauge growth
Via a survey, # of customers who are very satisfied or extremely satisfied and who
they were contacted by
Deals Closed – New customers NOW carrying products
Contacts made from networking – One retailer suggesting you contact another
Number of calls made
Store Events or Trade Shows attended
Number of customers/Size of Territory
Social Media Posts and # of followers – Instagram or FB page, post pics in front of
retail stores, promote Maricann and attempt to gather a following
Microsoft Forms Customer Survey
Customer Feedback Form
Have you heard of Maricann? Y/N
Are you aware of the cleaner/EuGmp option? Y/N
Have you or do you currently carry Maricann Products? Y/N
Which Maricann Products are you familiar with? (list products)
Please rate your overall satisfaction with Maricann? (not happy>extremely
Will you continue stocking Maricann Products? Y/N
Would you be interested in hosting a promotional event? Y/N
Are you in need of display and promotional items? Y/N
Would you recommend Maricann to others? Y/N
Comments/Feedback section…