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Aim: What are
the consequences
of using drugs?
Do Now:
Why do people choose to use
Truth About
How would you define
the word drug?
“A drug is a
substance, other
than food, that
changes the
structure or
function of the
body or mind.”
There are several factors that contribute
to the way drugs work in the body.
1. A person’s state of mind can influence how
a drug affects the body.
2. The dangers and actions of a drug depends
on how it is taken.
✴ Methods of administration include
oral (through the mouth), inhalation
(through the lungs), injection (using
a needle) and topical (on the skin).
3. Increasing the dosage-the amount and
strength-of a drug can increase the
dangerous effects of the body.
✴The ingredients of a drug also affect
how the body responds.
4. Mixing 2 or more drugs (ex. Alcohol and
barbiturates) can be fatal.
One major health consequence of
using drugs is developing an addiction.
Addiction - is a
dependence on a
behavior or
Developing an Addiction
Tolerance: As the body adjusts to a drug, more
and more of the drug is needed to produce the
same effect.
Drug Addiction: The craving for the drug leads
to compulsive, uncontrollable behavior. The
person needs the drug to feel “normal”.
Withdrawal: The addicted person feels
discomfort, sickness and pain when he or she
stops taking the drug.
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