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Report Two: Images
Figures On A Mountain
I believe that Koyiza Noko was trying to make the viewers of this photo feel very disturbed
and uneasy. This is because the dark distorted figures with glowing white eyes on the dark
mountain side do not lead one to a positive feeling.
While there is one dark and distinct figure in this picture, there is also another dark figure
that blends into the tree on the right. There appears to be a woman on the left and a man wearing
stovepipe style hat on the right of this image. The only facial features these two figures have is
two eyes, however, the outlines of the figure make it clear that they are human. The tension in
this image is strongly due to the two figure’s glowing eyes that are staring directly into the
camera. Although there would be tension without the glowing eyes, the eyes make the viewer
uncomfortable as it makes them feel that they are being starred at or watched. This was more
than likely intentional being that the eyes are the only illuminated part on the very dark figures.
Although the entire image is very monotoned, it is clear that the figures are standing on the
edge of a mountain. The land that they are standing on is completely black and has two trees on
the right. Behind the figures are several mountains that are much smaller than the one they are
standing on. In addition, there appears to be a sun or a moon in the upper left corner of this
image. Judging by the overall tone of this image, I would infer that it is a moon because there is
not a lot of light that is being produced. The overall landscape and color palette creates a large
amount of tension in this image. They lead the viewer to the feeling that they are alone with two
figures on a dark night in the mountains, which is a feeling that would make one feel very
disturbed and uneasy.
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