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Question 1
The 4 key components in the definition of reliability are:
Probability, designated function, failure condition, specified period of time
None of the answers
Probability, required function, stated conditions, specified period of time
Probability, level of performance, designated function, period of time
Percentage, designated function, condition for failure, period of time
One of the following is not an influence on the importance of reliability engineering:
Customer expectations
Contract requirements
Required function of the product
Complexity of products
Safety hazards
- Preventing or mitigating product liability issues.
- Alarms should be incorporated into the design when hazards can’t be eliminated
- Components whose useful lifetime is shorter than the product’s should be replaced
Are the previous statements related to:
The interrelationship of quality and reliability
All of the answers
Failure consequence and liability management
Reliability in product and process development
Role of the reliability function in the organization
Reliability engineering tools help design engineers work more efficiently in various ways except:
Establish recommendations for warranty times
To find the MTBF values for components and purchased parts.
None of the answers
Better quality for the products can be achieved
To find the optimal break-in/burn-in time.
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Question 5
When performing customer needs assessment, the current emphasis on listening to the VOC
applies primarily to whom:
Vendors and suppliers
External customers
Internal customers
Clients and buyers
Internal and external customers
Question 6
The term Rapid Prototyping refers to:
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Process that can product a product faster than standards.
None of the answers
Prototype that can be produced in a much shorter time than the standard production process.
Prototype designed faster that standards.
Product produced faster than a benchmarked production process.
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Question 7
The following is not an area found in a typical QFD matrix.
Action notes
Chosen values
Relationship matrix
Technical requirements
Customer requirements
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Question 8
How and when information is collected are two ways to differentiate between reliability and
quality data.
Question 9
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If a system has 25 independent components that must function in order for the system to
function, and each component has a reliability of 93.4%, the system should have a reliability of:
[_ . _ _ _]
Answer: 15
Question 10
Complete the following statement:
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Reliability analysis provide estimates of the probability of
Answer: error