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Biology I Lab – Unit 1, Concept 3 – What fruits contain enzymes that act on protein?
1. Number your cups from 1 to 5.
cup 1 – will be Jell-o only (control)
cup 2 – will be Jell-o and canned peaches (experimental)
cup 3 – will be Jell-o and canned pineapple (experimental)
cup 4 – will be Jell-o and fresh pineapple (experimental)
cup 5 – will be Jell-o and fresh grapes (experimental)
2. Measure out 240mls of boiling hot water with the 250 ml beaker. Be careful not to get burned. Add the
water to the 1 liter beaker.
3. Add the full contents of your box of Jell-o and stir it with the stirring rod until it is completely dissolved and
you have an even mixture.
4. After it has all dissolved, measure out 240mls of cold water with the 250 ml beaker and add it to your 1 liter
beaker. Stir it in and mix thoroughly.
5. Pour an equal amount of Jell-o (approximately 90 mls of your Jell-o mixture) into each of your 5 labeled
cups. Make sure they all have approximately the same amount of liquid in each!
6. Carefully select a small amount of each of the four fruits to be added and stirred into cups 2, 3, 4, and 5
(submerge the fruit). Be sure you know the difference between the fresh and canned pineapple and place
each fruit into the correct cup.
7. When you are finished clean up all spills, and bring all of your materials to the teacher by the kitchen door.
We will need to refrigerate your samples until our next class period. All of your dishes will need to be
cleaned, rinsed, and dried. Be sure you mark your group’s five cups of Jell-o so you can distinguish them
from the others.
Data Table:
Cup and Contents
cup 1 – Jell-o only
cup 2 – Jell-o and canned peaches
cup 3 – Jell-o and canned pineapple
cup 4 – Jell-o and fresh pineapple
cup 5 – Jell-o and fresh grapes
Conclusions – What happened, and why?