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Year 9 Class/Homework Assignment: The Nitrogen Cycle
We have already looked at several important things that are cycled throughout an ecosystem, such as energy,
biomass, water, carbon, and oxygen. Another important factor is the element nitrogen.
Nitrogen is an important element used to build many organic molecules (molecules that make up living things) and is
essential for the healthy growth of plants (producers), animals (consumers), and microorganisms (decomposers).
Your assignment is to;
1) produce a hand drawn diagram of the nitrogen cycle,
2) produce a glossary of definitions for the following terms:
Nitrogen, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite
Nitrogen fixation
Nitrifying, denitrifying, and nitrogen fixing bacteria
All of these terms must also appear in your diagram.
Your diagram may be pictorial (if you like drawing), or symbolic (if you don’t) or a mix of techniques, as long as it is a
flow diagram that shows the movement and processing of nitrogen in an ecosystem.
An example pictorial flow diagram.
An example symbolic flow diagram.
Your diagram can use pieces taken from ones you find online or in books, but should not be a simple copy. It must be
an original work of your own, showing that you understand the process of the nitrogen cycle. Remember: I have the
same Internet you do: Don’t just copy!
Your total assignment should be 2 A4 page sides; either 2 single sided A4 pages or one double sided A4 page.
The assignment will be collected next Friday, 29th June in period 6.