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Makes about 1 litre
650ml whole milk
120ml double cream
180g unrefined sugar
45g skimmed milk powder
1 teaspoon cornflour
Place the milk and cream in a saucepan over a medium heat. While it’s warming,
place the sugar, skimmed milk powder and cornflour in a measuring jug and mix well.
Image of milk and cream in a saucepan
Using a probe thermometer, measure the temperature of the milk and cream. When it
reaches 40ºC, add the dry ingredients. Whisk together and stir continuously with a
spatula until it reaches 85ºC.
Fill the sink with ice and cold water to create an ice bath. Plunge the saucepan into the
ice bath and stir occasionally. You need to bring the temperature down to 10ºC within
30 minutes.
When the mix is cooled, place in a sealed container and refrigerate for at least 4 hours,
but preferably overnight.
You’re now ready to churn it into gelato. Start by passing it through a fine sieve.
Image of milk and cream mixture being strained though a fine sieve into a measuring
Blitz with a hand blender.
Pour into your ice cream machine and churn until frozen.
Image of cream and milk in ice cream maker being blended into gelato
Scoop your freshly churned gelato into a container and cover with greaseproof paper
and a tight fitting lid. Place in the freezer and consume within one month.
Image of a tub of gelato and a small bowl with scoops of gelato in it
The great thing about Fior di Latte is that it serves as the base for many other flavours.
For example, to make a classic vanilla, simply infuse a vanilla pod in your mix while
pasteurising on the hob, and sieve it out at stage six.
The same can be done with mint leaves, then just throw some chocolate chips in
towards the end of the churn and you’ve got yourself a refreshing mint, choc chip