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Given the following densities:
Cu 8.92g/cm3
Fe 7.87g/cm3
Pb 10.33 g/cm3
Hg 13.56g/cm3
Al 2.368g/cm3
Ag 9.36g/cm3
1. Find the volume, in litres, of 36.5kg of mercury.
2. Find the mass, in kg, of 693cm3 of lead.
3. Find the density, in kg/m3, of an unknown substance if 16.5cm3 of it has a mass of
4. Find the mass, in grams, of 56.8mm3 of silver.
5. Find the volume, in m3, of 4.85 x 105kg of copper.
6. If 60.3kg of a substance has a volume of 7.43L, what is its density in g/cm3?
7. Find the volume of 7.9g of aluminum, in cm3.
8. Find the mass of 2450cm3 of lead, in kg.
9. What would be the density of a substance if 5.75L of it has a mass of 4.86kg? (in
10. Find the volume, in mm3, of 48.9mg of iron.
11. Convert 0.058m/s to mm/hour
12. How much should an 88.2mm3 24kt gold wedding band cost? (the density of gold is
19.3g/cm3 and it costs $10.00 per gram)
13. If the density of Coca Cola is 1.0964g/cm3 what should a 355mL can of Coke weigh,
assuming the can weighs 18.0g?