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Problem Set
Chapter 1
1. A light bulb with a resistance of 50.0 ohms is used in a circuit with a 9.0-volt battery. What is the
current through the bulb?
2. Convert 5021 centimeters to kilometers.
3. Convert the speed 5.30 m/s to km/h.
4. How many significant figures are there in each of the following numbers?
a) 78.9
b) 3.788 x 109
c) 0.00000246
d) 3.20 x 10-3
e) 100
5. Carry out the following operations:
a) 6.021 cm + 7.4 cm + 0.68 cm + 12.0 cm =
b) 10.8 g – 8.264 g =
c) 139 cm x 2.3 cm =
d.) 13.78 g/11.3 g =
6. Give the name for each of the following multiples of the meter.
a) 1/100 m
b) 1/1000 m
c) 1000 m
7. Solve each of the following problem. Give the correct number of significant digits in the
a) 16.2 m + 5.008 m + 13.48 m =
b) 78.05 cm3 – 32.046 cm3 =
d) (6.2x1018m)(4.7x10-10m) =
e) (5.6x10-7 m)/(2.8x10-12 s) =
8. Given the formula F=mv2/R, what relationship exists between each of the following?
a) F and R
b) F and m
c) F and v
9. Carry out the following conversions.
a)7.21 g/cm3 to kg/m3
b)0.044 km to m
c.) 0.227 nm to km (1 m = 109 nm)
d) 50 mi/h to m/s (1 mi = 1.609 km)
10. The masses of two metal blocks are measured. Block A has a mass of 8.45 g and block B has a
mass of 45.87 g. (a) How many significant digits are expressed in these measurements? (b) What
is the total mass of block A plus block B?
11. An object that is moving in a straight line with speed v covers a distance, d = vt, in time t. How
many minutes does it take a plane traveling at 350 km/h to travel 1.75x 106 m?
12. Do the following two problems:
a.) Convert 523 mg to kg.
b.)The liquid measure milliliter, mL, is the same as 1 cm3. How many milliliters of liquid can be
held in a 2.5 m3 container?