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Practice Problem Set 1
Carbon and its compounds (Ch1)
*the question number in parentheses corresponds to the End of chapter question
number in the 2nd edition of textbook
Q1 (1-12)
• Find the degenerate sets of atomic orbitals in the diagram.
Q2 (1-12)
• Use the atomic energy level diagram you saw in Q1 to show the
ground-state electron configuration of silicon (Si atomic number is 14)
• Based on this how many valence electron does Si has? Show its Lewis
dot diagram.
Q3 (1-13)
Draw the Lewis structure of the following:
Q4 (1.17)
Assign (non-zero) formal
charges to those atoms
that have them in the
following molecules:
Q5 (1.18)
Add the lone pairs of electrons
to each of the following
Q6 (1.19)
• Select the correct dipole based on the electronegativities of atoms:
Q7 (1.21)
• Determine the hybridization of each indicated atom
Q8 (1.23)
• Determine the geometry of the indicated atoms
Q9 (1.28)
• Convert the following line structures into Lewis structure
Q10 (1.30)
• Draw line structure of the following condensed structures
Q 11 (1.32)
• Bond A represents the overlap between an sp2 orbital and an
sp3 orbital. What orbitals overlap to form the sigma bonds indicated
by letters B–F?