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Journal Article
Susceptibility to Memory Distortion: How Do We Decide It Has Occurred?
Erin K. Morris, Cara Laney, Daniel M. Bernstein and Elizabeth F. Loftus
The American Journal of Psychology
Vol. 119, No. 2 (Summer, 2006), pp. 255-274 (20 pages)
Published By: University of Illinois Press
Journal Article
Review: The Memoir Problem
Reviewed Works: Out of Egypt: A Memoir by André Aciman; Waiting for Snow in Havana:
Confessions of a Cuban Boy by Carlos Eire; Lost in Traslation: A Life in a New Language by Eva
Hoffman; Lost in America: A Journey with My Father by Sherwin B. Nuland; Vixi: Memoirs of a NonBelonger by Richard Pipes; Blue as the Lake: A Personal Geography by Robert B. Stepto
Review by: Paula S. Fass
Reviews in American History
Vol. 34, No. 1 (Mar., 2006), pp. 107-123 (17 pages)
Published By: The Johns Hopkins University Press