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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The government should spend money
helping more people access the Internet instead of improving public transportation.
In order for city to develop, governments has to invest in different infrastructure, such as internet
and public transportation. Improving the internet connection can promote citizen’s happiness and
make the city more connected with the outside world. But many times public transportation is the
bigger problem we should tackle.
As the population grows, the burden of traffic increases as well, ameliorating transportation
facilities is more crucial. People are constantly complaining about how bad the traffic is, causing
them to be late for work or meetings. Improving public transportation would relieve traffic stress,
and meet the needs of convenient travel of the public. For people like students or workers,
traveling by bus or metro would be their best choice. People wont have to worry about being late
for work or school as they don't have to wait for their ride for a long time. Also, adding new
facilities and reduce the pollutants produced by cars. According to research, emissions form cars
takes up most of the total amount of pollution, acting tons of damage on the environment. Once
more people start to take more public transportation, the environment problem can be solved as
well, making the city into a better place for citizens to live in.
Adding more infrastructure also benefit the city’s economy as it will be ale to attract more tourist
to come visit. Before tourists travel, they want to go to the places with convenience public
transportation. It can help them save money and it will be easier for them to reach destinations as
calling a cab can be expensive and drivers sometimes deceit the outsiders. As the city gets more
well-known government can also promote local products to expand the trade. Besides, improving
internet might not be a good idea, as it would encourage teenagers to spend more time on websites
or games, it might eventually lead to addiction. At the mean time, there are also news reporting
that internet collects your data and your personal information in your phone can be leaked, putting
everybody in danger.
In conclusion, enhancing public transportation would be the correct decision comparing to
improving internet.
Speed limits
The passage states that people thinks that current car speed is still too fast and
believes that lowering current speed limits would result in significant benefits. The
professor in the following lecture, however, casts doubt on this statement. She
believes that the benefits from limiting speed are from better road design and car
safety equipment.
The author in the reading first states that setting speed limits reduces the chance of car
accident. There was a steady decrease of car accidents after limiting car speed from 70
miles to 55 miles. On the contrary, the professor argues that we cant find out how
much of the cases are reduced by limiting car speed. Even before limiting car speed
there is already a trend of accidents going down on the high way. Besides, on roads
like interstate also has a decrease in accident cases, and interstate roads are not speed
limited. It is more likely that cars and road designs have improved, successfully
helped people to avoid car accidents.
In addition, the reading claims that lowing car speed can help improve the
environment as there will be less emission. There are experiments and researches
showing that there will be a significant improve in air quality after restricting car
speed. Instead, the professor asserts that there is only minimal affect on constructing a
better environment. Scientists found that limiting car speed only reduce the emission
by 0.1 percent, it has almost no difference. The change will not be significant if
helping the environment is the reason of controlling car speed.
Finally, it is said in the reading that driving slower helps driver to save money as the
price of gasoline is rising. On the other hand, the professor contends that the negative
affect outweight the benefit. For instance, if truck drivers has to drive slower then it
would take them more time to reach their destination which means that the cost of
transporting goods will be higher. Leading to the raise of price in different products,
influencing the economy of the country.