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List of terms: Alfred Wegener, Eurasian Plate, Pangea Ultima, Vaalbara
1. ________________ ___________________ is the mightiest force on Earth.
2. How do some scientists explain how water came to exist on planet earth? _______________________.
3. The first true continents were formed from rocks made of _____________________________.
4. Uranium decays into _________________________.
5. What is a Craton?______________________________________________________________
6. Granite is less___________________ than other rock in the Cratons.
7. Lava laid down in water forms ________________ ____________.
8. What do the continental plates sit and move on? _________________________________
9. Molten rock is called _____________________________.
10. How far do the continental plates move each year? ______________________
11. In 1912, a German scientist, _________________________ proposed a radical new theory of plate tectonics.
12. Plate tectonics is driven by ________________________.
13. The continents are spreading apart as the __________ ______________________ ________________ forms
new crust.
14. Cratons combine with other cratons to form a super continent named _________________________.
15. There are over a _______________ continental plates.
16. The theory of continental drift says that continents are continuously_______________________________
and then _____________________________.
17. 1.1 billion years ago the supercontinent __________________________________ formed.
18. What is the name of the last and most recent supercontinent? ______________________________
19. 350 million years ago there are ________________________________,each living in distinct regions.
20. The land where New York new sit was nestled next to________________________________.
21. Pangea caused the climate to get harsh and led to the _________________________ extinction.
22. 250 million years ago Pangea ________________________________.
23. Australia breaks off and heads ___________________________.
24. When Continental plates collide creating ______________ _________________ that create mountains.
25. The ________________ ____________________ are formed when the Iberian Plate is shoved Upward as
Africa and Eurasia collide.
26. The Asian Plate Moves North at _____________ inches per year.
27. The top layer of the Grand Canyon created from___________________________________.
28. The Pacific plate dips below the _______________________ plate creating islands.
29. The formation of the isthmus of Panama stopped the flow of water from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
30. Plate movement create stress points that cause ______________ _______________ and _____________.
31. The Indonesian tsunami was caused by an ______________________________.
32. Disasters occur at _____________________________.
33. A new mountain range will from where Italy and Greece now are named the ____________________________
34. The Atlantic ocean will continue to __________________________________.
35. The subduction zone will drag Europe and Africa toward _____________________________.
36. 250 million years from now the will be _________________________________________.
37. New York will be the site of a continental __________________________________.
38. The Future Land mass will be called __________________________ _________________________.
39. Plate tectonics will continue however ________________________ might not be here to witness it.
40. List three important things you learned in the last bit of the video clip
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 ____________________________________________________________________
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