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1. There are places in a solar system that could be habitable.
2. Venus once may have had global oceans.
3. The sun was alone in a cloud of dust and gas for millions of years.
4. Mercury is orbiting too close to the sun.
5. Only earth has the ability to retain water.
6. Earth is the only planet we know of with life.
7. There are places in the galaxy there were habitable.
8. Mercury is 36 million miles away from the sun.
9. Mercury is the least explored planet.
10. Messenger does flybys to slow itself down.
11. Messenger was created to map mercury’s surface.
12. Mercury is the most cratered planet in the solar system.
13. Mercury is a ball of metal surrounded by rock.
14. Mercury has sulfur.
15. The orbits of the planets have changed.
16. Mercury may have formed near earth.
17. It’s possible that mercury was formed more than 100 million miles away from the sun.
18. Mercury could have been pushed off of its orbit.
19. Mercury is much more complicated than originally thought.
20. Messenger ran out of fuel after four years of orbiting mercury.
21. Venus is covered with clouds.
22. Venus has an atmosphere.
23. Probe lasted less than an hour near venus.
24. Venus has extremely harsh conditions.
25. Venera 13 took the first colored photograph of venus’ surface.
26. Venus once retained water.
27. Venus may have once had rainstorms.
28. There were oceans on venus once. Or it was an ocean world.
29. Venus could have supported life when it had oceans.
30. The sun evaporated all of the water on Venus.
31. The Magellan probe was able to see through the atmosphere on Venus.
32. There are volcanos and lots of lava on venus.
33. The greenhouse effect took hold of venus.
34. Venus is the hottest planet.
35. Titan is a moon of saturn.
36. Cassini was launched in 1997
37. Huygen took images of titan.
38. Titan is very earthlike in its landscape.
39. Titan is -300 degrees Fahrenheit.
40. Titan is wet with liquid methane instead of water.