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In The Gentlemen of the Jungle by Jomo Kenyatta we have the themes of greed,
innocence, trust, self-importance and rebellion. As a student, how will you define them.
is about you want more and more of something or what they have is what you want
too. It is interested in having something. An example of claiming ownership of others that
you have not worked for because of greediness.
simply means far from violence because of ignorance. An example of a person legally
owned by another for whom he or she has to work without freedom, pay, or rights
because of goodness.
defines the ability to believe in the honesty of others. An example of you strongly believe
them with no doubt.
is about self-appreciation or loving yourself unconditionally before others. In every
decision you make you must think the possible outcome and see if it will benefit yourself.
is a fight against someone. Rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion. An example of
what the offender did to you will return to him or her.
It’s now your time to be read! Create your own masterpiece.
Write a poem, minimum of three stanzas with at least four lines, focusing any of the
following theme:
• Greed
• Innocence
• Trust
• Self-importance
• Rebellion
When you were born with no retention,
The love you received was your permission,
But as you grew, you looked and craved,
And all to soon became enslaved
The more you saw the more you wanted
Your quest for more became undaunted
Our thirst for more could not be satisfied
The more you grasped, the tighter you clenched
You scampered and gathered and gathered to hoard
Possessions became your master and lord
And when you’re old without treasures all heaped
A sad example of what greed has reaped
Your greediness is still clenched
Until your death your hands are still opened
Because all your desire in life is possession
And became your obsession