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Washington’s Presidency
1. Why were the difficulties faced by Washington as president much different than any other president would
As the first president, Washington had the responsibility of creating precedents that would be followed by all
succeeding presidents
2. What is the significance of the Federal Judiciary Act of 1789? Why was it controversial?
The Federal Judiciary Act created the U.S. Supreme Court. It was controversial because many government
officials were worried about the power struggles between the state and federal governments.
3. Explain the overall purpose of the presidential cabinet, as well as the names and roles of the three
Washington set a precedent that the cabinet would serve to advise the president.
1. Secretary of War: oversee nation’s defenses
2. Secretary of State: oversee relations between the U.S. and other countries
3. Secretary of Treasury: manage the country’s money
4. Why was it imperative for the United States to repay its debt to other countries and private lenders?
1. Win the respect of foreign nations and U.S. citizens
2. To show the U.S. was responsible with money to gain business partners and to open doors to borrowing
money in the future
3. Gain support for the new government
5. Why do you think Jefferson and Madison were worried about Hamilton creating a strong central
government with his financial plan?
Possible answers: they were worried about the U.S. becoming too much like a monarchy; they wanted states
to have more power than the federal government; they believed Hamilton was going against the Constitution
6. List 2 pros and 2 cons for both the strict and loose interpretation of the Constitution.
Answers will vary
7. Why do you think Washington was willing to risk war in order to gain control of the lands in the
Northwest Territory?
Appease citizens who want to settle west and to allow the U.S. to grow in size
8. Make a prediction for what problems might arise from adding new territories to the United States after the
Battle of Fallen Timbers.
Issues on slavery, state vs. federal power, etc
9. Compare the government reaction of Shays’ Rebellion to the government reaction to the Whiskey
Rebellion. Why did they react differently?
The state sent the militia in to put down Shays’ Rebellion. The federal government sent in troops to put down
the Whiskey Rebellion to show the strength and authority of the new government.
10. Do you think Washington made the right call in remaining neutral in the war between Britain and
France? Why/Why not?
Answers will vary
11. Skim through the packet again, notice the constant disagreements between Hamilton and Jefferson. What
issues might arise from their arguments?
Answers will vary. Political parties