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Application Exercise 4.1
Identify the accrediting or certifying body that addresses each of the following types of healthcare
settings (an internet search can be used for assistance).
Type of Healthcare Setting
Accrediting and Certifying Organizations
Acute-care hospitals
Ambulatory care or physician office settings
Joint Commission, AOA, DNV, Medicare
NCQA, Medicare, AAAHC, AOA, Joint
American Association for Ambulatory
Surgery Facilities, AOA (office based), Joint
Commission, Medicare
CARF, Joint Commission, Medicare (skilled
AOA, CARF (rehab-focused programs),
Joint Commission, Medicare
American College of Obstetrics and
AOA, CARF, Joint Commission, Medicare
Ambulatory surgery facilities
Long-term care facilities
Behavioral healthcare facilities
Obstetric or gynecologic care settings
Rehabilitation services organizations
Complete Accrediting and Certifying Organizations column and upload the Word document in Canvas.