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Introduction to Ancient Nubia and the Kingdom of Kush
As you view the video, use complete sentence to answer each of the questions. Be sure to
notice that some questions are worth more points than others. (25 points possible)
Video Link:
OBJECTIVE: We understand how economics link civilizations and impact the relationships of
the people.
1) How would you describe the geographical location of Nubia? What is it called
today? (2 points)
NE corner of Africa. Today Southern Egypt to Northern half of Sudan.
This Photo by Unknown
2) What water source did the Nubians use? (1 point)
The Nile River
3) At which city and cataract does Nubia begin? (2 points)
1st Cataract at Aswan
4) At which city and cataract does Nubia end? (2 points)
6th Cataract at Khartoum
5) Why were there conflicts between the early dynasties of Egypt and Nubia? (1 Point)
 Nubians were independent and hard to control.
6) What was happening between the Nubians and Egyptians by around 2100 BCE? (1 point)
Constant armed conflicts
7) What was built that made the Egyptians feel threatened? (1 point)
Pharaohs built walls between the 2nd and 3rd cataracts.
8) By about 1800 BCE, Nubia became a threat to Egypt. What were 2 advantages of the location of
Kerma at the 3rd cataract? (2 points)
Ships had to unload and go ashore (invading armies couldn’t sail all the way through)
Kerma provided a market for traders
Defense and profit
9) What was the relationship between Egypt and the Hyksos? (1 point)
People from Western Asia that ruled Egypt for about 75 years. Hyksos tried to align with Kerma.
10) Which pharaoh was able to defeat the Hyksos? (1 point)
Ahmose I
11) Which group became a large threat under Taharqa’s reign? (1 point)
The Assyrians
12) What did Asherbanapal accomplish? (1 point)
Invaded Egypt and retook the Delta all the way to Thebes.
13) Why was the Kushite capitol moved from Napata? Where did it move to? (2 points)
Meroe because the Egyptians captured it.
14) Give 3 details to describe why the capitol of Meroe was an important economic center. (3
-palaces, temples, gardens
-junction where traders would meet
-good farming land
15) In about 30 BCE who overthrew Egypt and where was he from? (2 points)
Augustus of Rome
16) Give one theory of how the kingdom of Kush came to an end. (1 point)
-Oxymites captured Meroe
-Gradual decline
17) Describe the overall relationship between the Nubians and the Egyptians. (1 Point)
_____/25 points possible