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Olivia Sardina 11/18/21
Per. 3
How Small Lies Lead to Big Lies
1. Answer: A
2. Answer: A
3. Answer: C
4. The objective of this study was to analyze the effects that short lives have on someone.
This study also shows how small lies can lead to bigger lies and moral desensitization.
5. The methods used to conduct this study were experimentation. The scientists’ created
an experiment, collected data, analyzed the data, and drew conclusions to see if their
hypothesis was accurate.
6. Evidence is crucial, because it is the only thing that provides proof to demonstrate that
something is supported or correct. When something is stated without any evidence, it is
just a hypothesis, but it is not factual. In this text, the experiment preformed was used
to find evidence for the hypothesis that small lies lead to bigger lies.
7. People are motivated to lie for a variety of reasons. People usually lie to protect others,
their own benefit and gain, to keep a secret, etc. Lying benefits many people, that is why
they continue doing it.