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NAME ___________________________________________________________ PERIOD ____________________
Field Hardness Kit
Steel nail
1. Talc
2. Gypsum
3. Calcite
4. Fluorite
5. Apatite
Mohs Hardness Scale
6. Feldspar
7. Quartz
8. Topaz
9. Corundum
10. Diamond
Mineral A is scratched by mineral B – mineral B is harder
A mineral can scratch itself
Diamonds can only be scratched by other Diamonds
Mineral C scratches mineral D – mineral C is harder
Using the information above as reference, find the hardness of these minerals.
1. Mrs. Gregory found a mineral that scratched glass and was scratched by Topaz. _________
2. Mrs. Gutsche found a mineral that scratched every mineral. ___________
Mr. Berlanda has a mineral that his finger nail scratched very easily. _________
4. This mineral is scratched by Feldspar but not by Apatite. ___________
5. A mineral was found that scratched a piece of copper but was not scratched by a fingernail. ___________
6. Mr. Galante found a mineral that talc scratched.___________
7. A mineral was found that scratched Topaz but not a diamond._____________
8. This mineral scratched a piece of steel but not glass. _____________
9. A mineral was found that scratched Calcite, Fluorite and Apatite but not Feldspar. _________
10. Mr. Dukeman found that someone had scratched the office windows. Mineral is harder than ________.