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Dear Sir(s), Madam(s),
My name is Rajaa Hajjar. I am 17 years old, Lebanese, and have lived in Lebanon ever since I
was born. I am a senior student in “Grand Lycee High School” with a record full of straight A’s,
ranking first or second on class. My high school graduation is due on July 2022.
My parents taught me the value of hard work and the importance of taking care of others. Hence,
I have always been passionate about helping people in need whenever I can. For instance, I
volunteered in several social activities in my hometown “Chehim”-Mount Lebanon.
Having visited Turkey before as a tourist, I have always been fascinated by the Turkish
hospitality, its diverse culture, and its educational system in particular. Personally, I consider it a
vibrant experience to meet students from all over the world and learn about their different
cultures. In this sense, studying in your prestigious university is surely a distinctive opportunity
to fulfill my ardent desire to broaden my mindset and to sharpen my intellect. Specifically, your
institution XXX is reputable for the YYY major, and it is what I wish to pursue since my
interests lie in scientific topics.
The deep connection between my passions and future dreams and Medicine pushed me towards
choosing this major as a start point to kick off with my future career. I believe I am a diligent
individual who perseveres to accomplish the goals set, and a valuable addition to my work
environment in the future.
Nevertheless, the current economic crisis in Lebanon encouraged me to apply for this scholarship
hoping to fight away any limitation, particularly financial ones, standing in the way of achieving
my goals.
To end with, thank you very much for considering my inquiry. I would be honored if you decide
to accept my application. I look forward for your response at my email:
[email protected].
Rajaa Hajjar.
Signature inserted.