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How to make a Sextant
1. Gather your materials: piece of
construction paper, pen or pencil,
protractor, scissors, string, and a
2. Place the protractor on top of the
sheet of construction paper and trace
the shape.
3. Cut out the semicircle that you traced.
4. Cut that into two halves
5. Using the protractor, line up the top of
the paper with the top line of the
protractor (0 and 90 degrees)
6. Trying not to move the lined up
protractor, mark your paper every 10
degrees to give you 0 to 90.
7. Mark each of the markings you drew
to the corresponding degree.
8. Tape your straw to the paper lining it
up with the top line of 0 and 90
9. Tie your string to the paper clip.
10. Tape the string to the center of the
straw/ paper.
11. Try it out; look at an object in the
room and mark the degree at which
you were looking at it.