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& - Officially called the ampersand or epershand, this symbol is used in place of the
word 'and.' It is officially a logogram, also referred to as an ideogram, meaning a symbol
used in place of a word*
* - The asterisk is found over the #8 key on a standard keyboard. Its name is
derived from the Latin asteriskos, meaning little star. It is most often used for
page or scene breaks in fiction, or to lessen the impact of swear words not fit to
@ - This symbol has no official name, but is referred to by the French word arobase It
has a worldwide use when applied to e-mail addresses, its origins are disputed and it
predates the internet by possibly up to five hundred years.
« » - These guys are officially called guillemet marks, or French quotation marks.
… Three little dots' are officially called an ellipsis, but are frequently referred to as 'dot,
dot, dot.' Though often used with no spaces in between the dots, many grammar and
usage guides advise putting a single space between each dot. These days, the dot,
dot, dot is often used to denote a trailing thought or for sarcastic or humorous effect.
# - Though millions of Twitter users around the world will tell you that this is a hash tag,
it is officially a number sign. Though, the symbol is often called the hash. In some
instances, # is also called the pound sign, as in a unit of weight, specific to the United
States .Singapore officially calls this symbol the hex sign.
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