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Dear Students, welcome to Basic Grammar Course
Whether you are learning English as a foreign language or a second, understanding proper
grammar rules and guidelines are essential building blocks to creating clear and
understandable thought processes and ideas.
This Basic Grammar course will provide an introduction to the basics of English grammar
with topics covering:
Subject – Verb Agreement
Adverb Clauses of Time
English grammar is essential to promoting communication, both verbally and in writing, and
is a necessary aspect of many jobs and careers. Understanding the proper way to communicate
in a wide range of fields helps to promote self-confidence, increased skill levels, and ensure
job advancement and promotion. While many of us were taught the basics of English grammar
in elementary school, very few young adults in the 21st century understand the concepts of
how to create cohesive and complete sentences, let alone complete term papers, thesis papers,
or doctoral dissertations.
Moreover, this Basic Grammar Course is a prerequisite course for you to take another grammar
course in the next semester
The required book for Basic Grammar course is:
Understanding and Using English Grammar, Third Edition by Betty Schrampfer Azar
Well Folks, what you need to do in Basic Grammar course are as follows:
1, Read your required book
2. Understand the contents
3. Do exercises
4. practice what you learn
I think that’s all my introduction and have a nice time Folks