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Daff Jeszel R. Duran
BS Pharmacy I
March 9, 2020
Into. to Health Care System
Public Health Services should promote health and prevent illnesses for the sake of the
citizens living in the community or nation. As a Pharmacist and a medical practitioner, I want to
uphold the best services that we could possibly give for the patients. I will do my best to practice
my profession in a way that is following the standards and rules and apply the three core
functions of a Public Health—Assessment, Policy, and Assurance. As a Pharmacist it is my
prime duty to dispense medications for the patients, therefore I must effectively perform such
responsibility to assist people all throughout their treatment schedule. It is also my task to
counsel patients regarding their drug intakes, and provide them information about the effects of
the drugs to their body. As Pharmacist I am also involved in educating doctors, nurses, and other
health care professionals on various techniques of prescribing medications and issues related to
the drug use process, through this we can assure a competent public health and personal health
care work force.
Pharmacists have big role when it comes to Public Health, thus we are essential to
provide the best quality service to guarantee the condition for people to be healthy.