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Geometry Semester 2 Material covered
Unit 3: Quadrilaterals and Coordinate Proof
Module 9: Properties of Quadrilaterals
Lesson 9.1: Properties of Parallelograms
Lesson 9.2: Conditions for Parallelograms
Lesson 9.3: Properties of Rectangles,Rhombuses,and Squares
Lesson 9.4: Conditions for Rectangles,Rhombuses,and Squares
Lesson 9.5: Properties and Conditions for Kitesand Trapezoids
Module 10: Coordinate Proof Using Slope and Distance
Lesson 10.1: Slope and Parallel Lines
Lesson 10.2: Slope and Perpendicular Lines
Lesson 10.3: Coordinate Proof Using Distance with Segments and Triangles
Lesson 10.4: Coordinate Proof Using Distance with Quadrilaterals
Unit 4: Similarity
Module 11: Similarity and Transformations
Lesson 11.1: Dilations
Lesson 11.2: Proving Figures are Similar Using Transformations
Lesson 11.3: Corresponding Parts of Similar Figures
Lesson 11.4: AA Similarity of Triangles
Module 12: Using Similar Triangles
Lesson 12.1: Triangle Proportionality Theorem
Lesson 12.2: Subdividing a Segment in a Given Ratio
Lesson 12.3: Using Proportional Relationships
Lesson 12.4: Similarity in Right Triangles
Unit 5: Trigonometry
Module 13: Trigonometry with Right Triangles
Lesson 13.1: Tangent Ratio
Lesson 13.2: Sine and Cosine Ratios
Lesson 13.3: Special Right Triangles
Lesson 13.4: Problem Solving with Trigonometry
Module 14: Trigonometry with All Triangles
Lesson 14.1: Law of Sines
Lesson 14.2: Law of Cosines
Unit 6: Properties of Circles
Module 15: Angles and Segments in Circles
Lesson 15.1: Central Angles and Inscribed Angles
Lesson 15.2: Angles in Inscribed Quadrilaterals
Lesson 15.3: Tangents and Circumscribed Angles
Lesson 15.4: Segment Relationships in Circles
Lesson 15.5: Angle Relationships in Circles
Module 16: Arc Length and Sector Area
Lesson 16.1: Justifying Circumference and Area of a Circle
Lesson 16.2: Arc Length and Radian Measure
Lesson 16.3: Sector Area
Module 17: Equations of Circles and Parabolas
Lesson 17.1: Equation of a Circle