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Bio152 SI
1. What is the difference between the primary endosymbiosis theory and secondary
endosymbiosis theory? What are they trying to explain.
2. Label the supporting evidence True or False. If False, correct the supporting evidence so
that it is true with reasoning.
a. Mitochondria and chloroplasts – size of an average bacterium
b. Both replicate by fission, as do eukaryotes.
c. Both have single membranes, consistent with the engulfing mechanisms
d. Both have some genes (in circular DNA) that code for their own replication and
transcribe their own genomes
e. Mitochondria and chloroplast sequences are much more closely related to
bacterial sequences than to nuclear DNA sequences in eukaryotes
3. List the Supporting Evidence for Secondary Endosymbiosis
Bio152 SI
List the proposed Initial Steps of the Endosymbiosis Theory.
Bio152 SI
5. List the proposed steps for Secondary Endosymbiosis.