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1. Which one is correct electronic configuration for the element period 3 group 13
A 2,8,13
C 2,7,3
D 2,8,8,3
2. Which is the correct name for 2,8,7 and 2,3
A.Chlorine and aluminium B.Chlorine and beryllium C.boron and chlorine D.oxygen and boron
3. Which pairs has the highest ionization and electronegativity element first
a. O,N
C. Na,Al
D. Ca,Li
4. Which is the correct ?
A)This element is
B)How many valence electron does this element has?
D. 8
5. A scientist has a sample of an unknown gas. In order to identify it, she shines a continuous
spectrum of white light through the gas and observes which wavelengths of light are absorbed
by it. This is shown in the figure, as well as the absorption spectra of five pure, gaseous
elements. Which of the five elements is the unknown gas?
A Oxygen
B Argon
C Xenon
D Helium
6. Which of the five elements is the unknown gas?
E Neon
A Oxygen
B Argon
C Xenon
D Helium
E Neon
7. Which electron configuration represents an atom in an excited state?
Short answer:
A) How many valence electrons does element F have? Explain your answer
B) Which of these elements could be positioned before F in the periodic table? Explain your
C) Which of these elements could be positioned after F in the Periodic table? Explain your
D) Explain why is the ionization energy of an atom always measured for gaseous atoms.
E) Explain which oxygen, chlorine and fluorine will have the largest first ionization energy?
F) Do a sodium ion(2,8) and a neon atom(2,8) display the same emission spectra? Explain your