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This driver is for LG televisions that support IP control using Ethernet connectivity.
NOTICE - For a supported model list please refer to the LG IP Driver Model List.xls file
included with the driver download.
Revision History
The Initial release of the driver.
Fix for ID download prompt if no programming changes occur.
Connection Settings
Connection Type - Network (TCP) only.
TCP Address - Enter the IP Address assigned to the LG television. It is recommended the
television be set to a static IP via the Internet Setup menu of the television or by setting a MAC
reservation in the network router.
TCP Port - The TCP port which the driver communicates with the LG television. 9761 is the
default setting.
WOL Settings
MAC Address - Enter the MAC address of the LG television. This setting is used for the Power
Toggle and Power On (WOL) driver commands.
From LG Documentation - For Wake on LAN to work, both TV and the other device must be
connected to the same subnet. To enable Wake on LAN, go to Settings / General / Mobile TV On and
set "Turn on via Wi-Fi" to ON.
IP Control Password Settings
IP Control Password - Enter the password (keycode) provided by the LG television when
selecting Generate Keycode from the IP Control Setup.
From LG Documentation - To bring up IP Control configuration, first open up TV’s Settings Menu.
Keep the Network icon focused, then enter numerical key 828888 using TV’s IR Remote.
App Preset Settings
Number of Presets - Select the number of App presets to be used. Up to 10 presets are
App Preset (1-10) Name - Enter the name of the application to be used for the specified preset.
App Preset (1-10) ID - Enter the ID of the application to be used for the specified preset.
Note - the driver will default with the preloaded apps already configured. If a preloaded app preset
does not work, make sure the app is up to date and/or the app ID has not changed.
Driver Notes
- This driver uses advanced AES encryption operations which require specific processor runtime
firmware. Updating the firmware in the XP/Pro24z processor may be required for the driver to
- Power and connectivity status variables are based off of whether the IP Control State is received
from the television or not. When powered off all communications to and from the television cease
rendering the power status as off and the connection status as disconnected.
- This driver uses advanced HTTP send/received routines to manage the command queue built
into the driver. Commands will be executed once the previous command response is received or
a 1 second timeout occurs. If the TV becomes unresponsive for 5 seconds the command queue
will be cleared out and the driver will go into a disconnect state. Once the disconnect state
occurs, the driver will attempt to reconnect upon the next polling pass or control command
- This driver only provides feedback for power status, connection status, volume, mute status, and
current source input/app. These variables will be updated once the television is powered on and
then either every 10 seconds (polling process) or when controlled through the driver.
- An app list from the LG API is NOT available so a button text variable named App/Input Info is
provided for acquiring App Preset IDs. When an app is selected through the Smarthome or My
App menu the App/Input Info variable will display the exact ID required for recalling the
corresponding app.
NOTICE - For a supported model list please refer to the LG IP Driver Model List.xls file
included with the driver download.