Download Balsam Hill 7’ Westwood Pine Assembly Guide

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Tree Assembly Guide
7’ Westwood Pine With Clear Lights
1 Set up the tree stand and start the
halfway. Then insert the bottom section into the
tree stand. Finally, tighten the key(s).
 Quick Tip
Be sure to keep the key(s) loose enough so when
you insert the bottom section’s pole, it fits all the
way through the stand to rest inside the
securing ring.
2 Insert the next largest section into the bottom
3 As you connect the sections to each other, plug
in the lights as shown in the diagram. It’s easier
to connect light strings as you go.
 Quick Tip
Connect light strings
to matching color labels
on extension cord
Pay attention to the colors on the light strings.
Always plug in lights to the plugs with the same
color stickers.
 Quick Tip
Be careful! Some of the light strings on our trees
plug UP into the section above. Refer to the
diagram at the right for details on which light
strings plug up (indicated by the
Factory connected plugs.
Do not detach
except to change fuses.
Shape the branches as you go.
 Quick Tip
Be sure to fluff all the branch tips, including those
close to the center pole, to make your tree full
and beautiful.
5 Attach the top section last, and enjoy your new
Balsam Hill tree!
 Quick Tip If you encounter any problems, help is
just a phone call away! Call 1-888-55-BALSAM and
we’ll be happy to assist you.
Product Code: WES-T-1636/700SEC-BH
Made In China
Light Strings
Factory-connected plugs
(with fuses inside male plug)
Extension Cord
Extension Cord Socket for
clear lights
Male Electrical Plug
Foot Switch