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Current Events Assignment
1. Find an article on the Internet about a current event that interests you (any current event for right
now, in the future we may get more specific).
a. First write at least one paragraph summarizing the material
b. Then write at least one paragraph explaining why you chose the article (why does it interest you?),
why it is important to today's society, and anything else you want to reflect on about the topic.
c. Finally, copy and paste the link to the article at the bottom of the assignment
North Korea is a country in east Asia it has harshest laws in the world. It is ruled by a dictator
whose countrymen starve. On the other hand, the leader Kim Jong un spends millions of dollars
on missiles. This year North Korea tested 31 missiles.
I chose this topic because everyday there is something new related to North Korea. The threats
are not to be taken lightly because the world is on brink of a world war. There are very high
tensions between North Korea and the US.