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Diabetes in Astrology
Diabetes is a metabolic disorder of the endocrine gland pancreas. When we eat, the
pancreas automatically produces the appropriate amount of insulin to break down the
sugar into glucose which is the main source of energy.
Diabetic people's pancreas either produces little or no insulin, hence excess glucose build
up in the blood which overflows into the urine. In this way the body loses its main source
of energy and subsequently becomes weak.
In astrology by the careful examination of the horoscope, it is possible to predict the
susceptibility to the disease diabetes.
Astrological factors influencing diabetes are:
Ascendant: the general build up and strength of physical body
Venus: rules kidney, suppression of urine
Moon: rules pancreatic action and blood flow, urinary derangement
Jupiter: arteries, veins, degeneration, diabetes
Sign cancer: rules pancreas, blood
Sign Libra: rules kidneys,and excretory system
Sign Sagittarius: arterial system
6th house: house of disease
Planetary combination's which cause diabetes are:
Venus afflicted by Sun/Mars in watery signs.
Venus and Jupiter are afflicted by malefic and a malefic planet is posited in 8th
house gives diabetes.
Malefic Venus placed in ascendant/inauspicious house.
Venus and Jupiter are afflicted by malefic and a malefic is posited in the
Venus combined with a malefic in 8th house and also aspected by a malefic.
Ascendant is afflicted by malefic and its lord is in depression/set/hammed
between malefic/inimical sign and Venus placed/aspect 8th house causes diabetes.
Venus placed in 2nd house, ascendant is aspected by malefic and lord of
ascendant placed in 6th house in the state of debilitation.
Moon afflicted by Sun/Mars in watery sign.
Moon is heavily afflicted by Saturn
Moon in a watery sign and that's sign lord placed in 6th house again aspected by a
watery sign planet indicates diabetes.
Moon placed in a watery sign and lord of that sign is placed in 6th house and
aspected by Mercury [which is placed in watery sign].
Moon and Jupiter are afflicted by malefic and a malefic sitting in 8th house.
Saturn heavily afflicts Jupiter.
Jupiter placed in Purvashadha constellation.
Jupiter situated in the constellation of Rahu and afflicted by it.
Sign Cancer/Libra/7th house:
Two or more malefic planets placed in 7th house or sign Libra.
Sign Cancer is heavily afflicted by Saturn.
6th /8th house:
6th lord is placed in 8th house or vice versa.
Two or more malefic planets placed in 6th house.
Rahu combined with lord of 8th house in 8th house/trine causes diabetes to the
A very negative malefic planet sitting in 8th house and Jupiter and Venus are
heavily afflicted indicates diabetes.
Lords of 4th and 7th house are placed in 6th/8th/12 house.
Lord of 6th/7th combined with lord of 12th house and aspected by Saturn
indicates diabetes disease.
Two or more malefic planets placed in watery signs.
Lords of 4th and 7th are sitting in inimical signs and aspected by malefic
Lord of 3rd combined with mercury and Mars in ascendant indicates diabetes.
Mercury posited in the sign of Jupiter [Sagittarius and Pisces] and aspected by
Mars may cause diabetes.
My Encounters with Astrology
I was a doubtful observer of astrology until recently. As I gained more insight, I started
believing it to be a Science. I would like to present here a few encounters of my
fascinating journey of Astrology.
Astrology and Diabetes
It is possible to identify the diseases a person is having, or susceptible to in the future,
using Astrology. Once a person knows that he is susceptible to certain kinds of diseases,
he/she could take precautions and preventive measures so as to either prevent the disease
from manifesting or to reduce the intensity of a disease if it becomes inevitable. This is
an example to show how Astrology can help the human kind to anticipate a problem and
take preventive measures to reduce the pain and agony in the future.
Diabetes, though known as “rich man‟s disease” in the past, is fast becoming a common
man‟s disease in our country. This could be due to changing lifestyles irrespective of
whether one is rich or poor. Diabetes makes it difficult for people to live their life
normally. It is a gateway to many other health complications if not properly contained.
Hence, it is in our own interest to be aware if one is susceptible to this disease or not, and
what to do to prevent or contain it at a manageable level. The purpose of this paper is to
help people to understand what diabetes is in brief and to help them identify astrological
symptoms of diabetes in their charts.
The dictums specific to diabetes are not found in the ancient texts. And, many astrologers
are still grappling to understand different types of diabetes and methods to map different
aspects of the disease on to Astrology, hence this attempt.
What is Diabetes?
As I am not a doctor, I have to take the help of doctors to explain what diabetes is. I have
taken the content on diabetes from different web sites [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]. For more
information, one could refer to some of these web sites.
Diabetes mellitus occurs when the pancreas doesn't make enough or any of the hormone
insulin, or when the insulin produced doesn't work effectively. In diabetes, this causes the
level of glucose in the blood to be too high.
There are three major types of diabetes:
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or Juvenile onset diabetes or Diabetes - Type
Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or Adult onset diabetes or Diabetes Type 2
Gestational diabetes
Gestational diabetes affects about 4% of all pregnant women (U.S. data), and this is out
of scope for discussion in this paper. Only the first two types will be covered in this
paper. For ease of reading, these two types will be referred to as „Type 1 diabetes‟ and
„Type 2 diabetes‟.
Astrological Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes
Type1 diabetes is a chronic (life-long) disease that occurs when the pancreas produces
too little or no insulin to regulate blood sugar levels appropriately.
From the definition we know that pancreas will not produce insulin or produce too little
insulin being the main reason for the disease. But, what causes such a deficiency?
Doctors have given the following reasons:
In Type 1 diabetes, the cells in the pancreas that make insulin are destroyed, causing a
severe lack of insulin. This is thought to be the result of the body attacking and
destroying its own cells in the pancreas - known as an autoimmune reaction.
It's not clear why this happens, but a number of explanations and possible triggers of this
reaction have been proposed. These include:
infection with a specific virus or bacteria;
exposure to food-borne chemical toxins; and
exposure as a very young infant to cow's milk, where an as yet unidentified
component of this triggers the autoimmune reaction in the body.
Researchers suggest the following scenario:
An infection introduces a viral protein that resembles a beta-cell protein.
T cells and antibodies are tricked by this resemblance into attacking the beta
protein as well as the virus.
Let me try to link the medical explanation with astrological explanation:
Insulin producing cells in the pancreas become weak (less resistant), when Venus is
weak/malefic in the chart. This enables the virus to become active. The so called
trick/cheating could be represented by Rahu.
Next, research has shown that Type 1 diabetes can be transmitted from one person to
another through a Bone Marrow Allowgraft, when the donor is suffering from Type 1
diabetes. Also, experiments have shown that when in a Type 1 diabetes patient, insulin
production could be induced using a healthy bone marrow. Hence, it appears that a
defective bone marrow seems to be connected to diabetes. It is to be remembered that, in
Astrology, Mars represents Bone Marrow or Majja.
Hence, to identify Type 1 diabetes in a chart, look for severely afflicted Venus, Mars and
5th house/lord (as pancreas is located in the 5th house of Kalapurusha), and afflictions
specifically by Rahu. One can observe some kind of connectivity between these entities –
Venus, Mars and Rahu even in D6 & D30 charts.
To summarize, the Astrological Symptoms for Type 1 Diabetes are:
Afflicted Venus (connected to a dusthana, or debilitated or retrograde, or in
Papakaratari ….)
Afflicted Mars (connected to a dusthana, or debilitated or retrograde, or in
Papakaratari ….)
Afflicted 5th house/lord
Rahu afflicts both Venus and Mars in one way or the other
Venus, Mars and Rahu are connected to one another, in some way or the
other in Rasi, D6 and D30
I will illustrate the above symptoms using the chart of George Lucas. He is a Director,
Producer and a Screenwriter in Hollywood, well known for his film „Star Wars‟. The
source for his birth data is the following web site:
Please note the following observations from the Rasi Chart:
Conjunct 6th lord and retrograde Mercury.
Disposited by Mars who is severely afflicted by close conjunction of Rahu
Is 8th lord and debilitated
Closely conjunct Rahu
5th house:
Is aspected by Rahu and Saturn
5th lord Ravi in PKY and disposed by Venus (5th house/lord connected to Venus)
Shashthamsa (D6):
Both Venus and Rahu are disposited by Mars
Trimsamsa (D30):
Rahu aspects Mars
Mars is disposited by Venus
One can see a clear link between Venus/5th house/5th lord, Mars and Rahu.
Let me take another example, Halle Berry’s chart this time. Time of birth is not known
in this case, but does not really matter much. Take a look:
Dispositor Sun is afflicted by Mars and Rahu
Also in the constellation of Sun who is afflicted
Is debilitated
Aspected by Rahu.
Dispositor Moon is severely afflicted by retrograde Saturn and Rahu
Natural 5th house Leo:
In PKY and afflicted by all three dusthana lords!
5th Lord Sun is afflicted by Mars and Rahu
Interestingly, 5th house has a relationship with Venus
The third and the last example is that of Elizabeth Taylor:
In this chart, notice the following:
Is 12th lord and is debilitated
Is Conjunct Rahu and aspected by Sani.
Is the 6th lord and is combust
Disposited by Rahu
In the constellation of Rahu
Aspects natural 5th house
5th house:
Is afflicted by Rahu, and the 12th lord
5th lord is retrograde
5th lord is aspected by Rahu and Sani
Note that 5th house also contains Venus, the significator for pancreas.
Shashthamsa (D6):
Rahu aspects Venus and Mars is disposited by Venus
Trimsamsa (D30):
Rahu aspects Venus
Mars is disposited by Rahu
Lot of celebrities have suffered or are suffering from type 1 diabetes. It is not difficult to
get enough examples of the same. There are other people too.
Astrological Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is the most commonly occurring diabetes. About 90% of the diabetics
suffer from this type of diabetes. The Definition for type 2 diabetes is as follows:
Type 2 diabetes results from insulin resistance (a condition in which the body fails to
properly use insulin), combined with relative insulin deficiency.
There are two aspects here:
a. Relative insulin deficiency - Not enough insulin is produced
b. Insulin resistance - Body fails to properly use the insulin produced
It is a well know fact that pancreas produce insulin and in Astrology Venus is the karaka
for pancreas. Hence, an afflicted Venus could indicate defective or under efficient
pancreas. Hence, one could find a weak and afflicted Venus in this case also. But it is not
mandatory as an individual with healthy pancreas could possibly get Type 2 diabetes.
Hence, it is important to look for other symptoms which are mandatory for Type 2
Take a look at the second part (aspect „b‟ above). Insulin resistance plays important role
in Type 2 and is a mandatory condition. Insulin resistance is the condition in which
normal amounts of insulin are inadequate to produce a normal insulin response from fat,
muscle and liver cells. Hence, the problem is related to defective fat/muscle/liver cells.
People who are overweight have a higher risk of insulin resistance, because fat interferes
with the body's ability to use insulin.
I understand that the primary treatment for insulin resistance is exercise and weight loss.
I would like to interpret the above sentence astrologically:
Increased exercise could be read as strengthening Mars
Weight Loss (manage body weight) could be read as reduce the malefic effect of
The involvement of Mars and Jupiter can be explained. Fat cells and Liver cells indicate
Jupiter. And, muscle cells indicate Saturn. Hence, the problem could be seen in
relationship with Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. These cells interact with the insulin in the
blood. Mars is the significator for „Majja‟ or bone marrow where blood is produced. And,
as Venus‟s affliction is not a necessary condition, I am skipping that part, though in many
cases one can clearly see the involvement of Venus as well.
I was hoping to see afflicted Jupiter and Mars in relationship with Saturn in the charts of
people suffering from diabetes type 2. However, there was a small change in the pattern I
noticed. Instead of Saturn getting involved with Mars and Jupiter every time, it was Rahu
that showed up in the combination most of the time. It is not surprising as our rishis have
proclaimed “Sanivad Rahu”.
To summarize, the Astrological Symptoms for Type 2 Diabetes are:
Afflicted Jupiter (connected to a dusthana, or debilitated or retrograde, or in
Papakaratari ….)
Afflicted Mars (connected to a dusthana, or debilitated or retrograde, or in
Papakaratari ….)
Sani/Rahu afflicts both Jupiter and Mars in one way or the other
Jupiter, Mars and Sani/Rahu are connected to one another, in some way or
the other in Rasi, D6 and D30
Let me illustrate the above discussion through Jerry Mather’s chart. Jerry Mathers is a
TV personality in the US
Retrograde 12th lord in the 12th
Is aspected by Rahu
Is in Gandantha
Occupies 6th house
Aspected by Jupiter and Rahu
Shashthamsa (D6):
Sani aspects Guru
Guru disposited by Mars
Trimshamsha (D30):
Both Jupiter and Rahu aspect Mars
Jupiter disposited by Mars
Let me illustrate another example: J Jayalalitha. Different birth times are floating
around on the internet, giving either Taurus Lagna or Gemini Lagna. I chose to pick
Taurus Lagna to give a dusthana placement for Jupiter.
8th lord in the 8th
Aspected by Rahu
Retrograde 12th lord
Aspected by both Rahu and Jupiter
Shashthamsa (D6):
Jupiter and Mars are conjunct
Rahu and Sani aspect Mars and Jupiter
Trimsamsa (D30):
Jupiter and Mars are conjunct
Rahu‟s dispositor Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Mars
The third example is of George Fernandes, ex-Defense Minister of India. I got the birth
details from a friend of mine. I could not validate the birth data from another source.
12th lord
Aspected by retrograde Saturn
8th lord
Closely conjunct Rahu
Shashthamsa (D6):
Juptiter disposited by Mars and aspected by Saturn
Mars conjunct Rahu
Trimsamsa (D30):
Jupiter disposited by Mars
Mars conjunct Rahu and aspected by Saturn
Lot of celebrities have suffered or are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. It is not difficult to
get enough examples of the same.
It is also possible that someone suffering with Type 1 diabetes in the young age also
becomes a target of Type 2 diabetes at a later stage in life. Hence, it is not surprising if
one finds the symptoms of both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes in the same chart.
These people probably are the worst hit by diabetes.
In addition to the above listed charts, I have seen these astrological symptoms in the
charts of my relatives and friends who are suffering from diabetes.
Avoid confusion when looking for diabetes in a chart
As it is easy to get confused, one could start seeing diabetes symptoms in almost all the
charts (as it happened to me initially). Hence, I am giving a few examples of people who
are not known to have diabetes and the astrological reasons for the same.
The first example is that of Shri Satya Sai Baba.
Please note the following aspects which indicate that the native can not be a diabetic:
Neither 5th house nor the natural 5th house is afflicted by Rahu
Though Mars is retrograde, it is not afflicted by Rahu
Jupiter, though in MKS, is not afflicted by Rahu
Rahu is in his own constellation, hence does not afflict any other planet from this
Only problem I see is that Rahu‟s dispositor Mercury afflicts combust Venus.
However, this is not a sufficient condition to get diabetes.
Hence, one can safely conclude that this native will not suffer from either types of
Next example would be that of Michael J Fox:
Note the following points in his chart:
Though debilitated, Mars is not afflicted by Rahu
Though aspected by Rahu, Venus is not weak as:
Not a dusthana lord
Does not occupy a dusthana
Not conjunct any dusthana lord
Not debilitated
Not retrograde
Not in Papakartari
The above two points are sufficient to conclude that this native is not and will not be a
The third and final example I would like to offer is that of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru:
In the above chart, please note the following:
Mars is not weak as:
Does not own a dusthana
Does not occupy a dusthana
Not conjunct any dusthana lord
Not debilitated
Not in MKS
Not retrograde
Not in Papakartari
There is only a mild problem as Mars is in the constellation of 12th lord Moon
and Mar‟s dispositor Mercury is aspected by Rahu. In both these observations, the
affliction comes through disposition route only and not directly. Hence, it could
be ignored.
There is no need to look at either Venus or Jupiter as Mars is „clean‟. Hence, the native
did not suffer from either type of diabetes. The only connection between diabetes and
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is that he was born on the „World Diabetes Day‟!
I wold like to thank all Jyotish Guru's from whom I have learnt, friends who have helped
me by sharing birth details of some personalities, the web sites which have given so much
information on diabetes and the birth data of celebrities.
Some More Views on Astrology and Diabetes Mellitus
gaatra sa kucita gatirvigalita bhra tApi datavali
rirnas'yati vardhate badhirata vaktra ca lalayate /
vaca nadriyate ca bhandavajano bharya na s'us'ru ate
ha kata puruasya jira vayasa putro pyamitrayate //
What a pity! For a man in old age, the body shrinks. He walks with faltering steps. The
teeth have fallen. Vision is impaired. Deafness worsens. The mouth foams with saliva.
Relatives do not care for his words. Wife does not do service and children turn inimical.
A man in the years of decline loses his faculties gradually. One cannot be hale and
healthy throughout his life. The natural wear and tear of the system inevitably disables
him. But one can take precautions and safeguard oneself against some of the common
diseases by leading a disciplined life, dietary restrictions and measures that defend the
system. Medical Astrology does help mankind in identifying diseases that are likely to
occur and helps the native to take suitable measures before the infirmity assumes gigantic
What is Diabetes Mellitus?
Pancreas is a gland 15 centimetres long, grey-pink in colour and weighing about 85
grams. It is located behind the stomach and in front of the spine and plays an important
role in the digestive process. It produces insulin and keeps the blood sugar at proper
level. When insulin is not produced this does not happen and consequently one becomes
a victim of diabetes mellitus.
In Ayurveda the Meha Rogas which include diabetes are treated. Virasimhavalokana
observes thus:
sadhya kaphottha das'a pittaja at /
yapya na sadhya pavanas'catu ka //
samakriyatvad vi amakriyatvat /
mahatyatvacca yathakrma te //
There are ten varieties of meha diseases arising out of phlegm, six arising out of bile, and
four arising out of wind. (Thus there are twenty varieties). Those arising out of phlegm
can be cured. But it is difficult to cure bilious diseases, and windy diabetes which causes
decay and defies medical treatment.
Diabetes in Astrology
Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease relating to the function of pancreas characterized
by deficiency of insulin, consequent disability to the use of carbohydrates, excess sugar
in blood and urine, thirst, hunger, frequent urination, emaciation of the body and
imperfect combustion of fats, resulting in acidosis. In its worst from it can cause coma
leading to moribund condition and ultimate death. It affects eye-sight and vital organs,
causing neuropathy and in general complicates any other disease. Healing of wounds is
delayed and may result in the amputation of the wounded parts of the body. All these
facts have to be taken into account in the astro-analysis of diabetes. There is huge mass of
astrological literature giving the combinations for diseases and we have culled out some
of these
To delineate the nature of this abominable disease, some basic facts have to be
Pancreas is situated above the navel and below the heart. Thus we can conclude that it is
represented by the 5th house. The second drekkana of the sixth house which indicates the
belly of the body has also to be reckoned with.
The seventh house which indicates the waist and urinary diseases has also a role. The
eighth house, particularly second drekkana which is symmetric to the second drekkana of
6th has to be included. Astrological works give combinations relating to 6th and 8th
houses and they have to be carefully utilized. The sixth and seventh houses of
Kalapurusha namely Virgo and Libra, Leo which indicates belly and digestive problems,
and Scorpio indicating the genital organs have indisputably a role. When these houses or
ras'is are occupied by or aspected by malefic or placed between malefic, problems
relating to urine and connected organs are, in general, indicated.
In Astrology Venus is treated as the Karaka for Prameha (diabetes mellitus) vide
pa dus'le mamarutprakopanayanavyapatpramehamayat - Phaladipika
This means, „leukoderma, the diseases due to phlegm and wind, problems of the eye,
diabetes ...." are caused by Venus. Urinary diseases are also indicated by Venus.
Generally diabetes worsens and leads ultimately to the damage of the kidneys. Therefore
combinations for urinary diseases and renal problems have to be taken into account.
Jupiter indicates sweetness and an ill-disposed Jupiter denies the opportunity to taste
„sweets‟. Thus an unfavourable Jupiter indirectly indicates diabetes. A weak Jupiter in
6th, 8th or 12th or Jupiter in combustion is indicative of diabetes. Thirst, hunger etc. are
the symptoms of diabetes. Consequently, the Moon has an important role. Saturn which
indicates urine, excreta and other filthy materials has also a significant role.
To sum up: If the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th or the ras'is Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio are
afflicted, diabetes or urinary diseases are suggested. Similarly, if the planets Venus, the
Moon, Jupiter are ill disposed, one can infer urinary disease or diabetes. The urinary
diseases caused by Saturn, bad digestion, emaciation of the body etc. are suggestive of
diabetes. When the planets causing the combinations are in vargas which are watery rasis,
mrityubhaga, evil shastyamsa etc. they acquire importance.
Works like Brihajjataka, Saravali Jataka Tatva, Virasimhavalokana, Yovanajataka,
Gadavali, etc. give specific combinations for Diabetes Mellitus. It is to be observed that if
the diseases are caused by phlegmatic planets (Jupiter) they are curable; if caused by
bilious planets (Sun, Mars) they are partly curable and if by windy planets (Saturn) they
are not curable.
We have extracted several combinations from standard texts below:
When the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Venus are in the 5th diabetes is indicated.
Even if one, two, three of these planets occupy the 5th, diabetes is indicated. When these
planets are associated with evil planets results will be pronounced. It is found from
observation that Venus in the 5th aspected by Saturn causes diabetes.
When the Sun or Mars and Saturn are in Lagna diabetes is indicated.
If all the three are in Lagna results will be strong. Even if Mars and Saturn are in Lagna,
effects will be felt.
If Venus is in the 8th aspected by malefic phlegmatic diseases, diabetes etc are
indicated. It may cause even death.
If Venus is in a watery sign and has Varga in a watery sign the results will be
pronounced, more so when Venus is weak.
If Saturn and Mars are conjoined or have mutual aspect, diabetes is caused.
On the examination of 100 horoscopes the combination / mutual aspect of Saturn and
Mars was found in sixty. This appears to be a powerful combination.
When Lagna is aspected by a malefic, lord of Lagna is debilitated and the eighth
house is aspected or occupied by Venus, diabetes is caused.
This was not found in any of the horoscopes we examined. More analysis may be
If Mercury is in Sagittarius or Pisces with the aspect of the Sun, diabetes is
Since this is not possible, aspect should be treated as conjunction. Sun- Mercury
conjunction in Sagittarius or Pisces is suggestive of this.
If the Sun is in Lagna, and Mars is in the 7th, diabetes is indicated.
This is considered as a combination for insanity by some authors. If the Vargas are
watery signs, diabetes is likely.
If Mars aspects the 8th house diabetes is indicated.
This has been observed in the horoscopes of many diabetics.
Mercury in the 8th indicates urinary problems.
If Mercury has Vargas in watery signs and is aspected by malefics, the results are strong.
If the Lord of Lagna is in the 6th with Mars, diabetes is indicated.
When the combination is present, untimely diet is indicated. Consequently problems like
hyperacidity and ulcer are likely. Because the 6th house is afflicted, diabetes is also
If the Moon’s navamsa is in cancer and Scorpio and the Moon is conjoined with a
malefic, disease of a subtle nature is likely.
We get from Brhajjataka of Varahamihira
candre karka av s'cika s'akagate papairyute guhyaruk
The term guhyaruk suggests “one with diseases in secret or subtle parts”. It is to be
interpreted using the Vargas of the Moon. If the Moon is in Leo which indicates thirst,
hunger etc chances for diabetes are strong.
If a weak Moon is in Leo, thirst, hunger and problems of digestion are indicated,
more so when it is an indicator of disease.
When the Moon gets Vargas in watery signs, diabetes is likely.
If a watery planet is in the 7th together with the lord of the 7th, urinary diseases are
The Moon and Venus are watery planets. When the planets are in watery signs and get
Vargas in watery signs, the results will manifest well.
If the lord of 6th is in the 3rd diseases near the navel are indicated.
The place being navel, urinary diseases related to diabetes are also likely.
If the Sun, the Moon and Venus are in the 5th, diabetes is likely.
Watery Vargas aggravate this.
Rahu in the 7th causes diseases of the waist.
This can indicate diseases in the inner part and hence diabetes.
A malefic in the 5th causes problems.
Since the 5th represents pancreas, diabetes is likely. Watery Vargas aggravates this.
If the lord of the 7th is in a malefic’s house and is aspected by a malefic, diabetes is
This is found to be true from observations.
If the Lagna is aspected by Saturn and the weak lord of the 8th has the aspect of a
malefic, problems due to indigestion are likely.
This can suggest diabetes also.
In indicating planets the scheme used is the following:
1: Born: 8.2.1930. Star: Rohini
Balance of Moon's period: 3-0-9
The 6th is occupied by Saturn. Cancer Lagna with the aspect of the Sun indicates disease
of the eyes. Evil planets in the 7th show urinary diseases. Mars gets navamsa in a watery
sign. Venus is afflicted and debilitated in navamsa. The native was diabetic who had
impaired vision.
2: Born 4.11.1968. Star: Svati
Balance of Rahu's period: 6-2-19
Saturn and Mars aspect each other. The sixth is aspected by Mars and the 5th is aspected
by Mars though Saturn occupies its own house. Jupiter who is devoid of directional
strength is aspected by Saturn. Lagna is occupied by the Sun with navamsa in a watery
3: Born: 13.1.1956 Star: Purvashadha
Balance of the period of Venus: 2-0-28
There is Mars - Saturn conjunction. 8th is occupied by Ketu and aspected by Mars and
Saturn. Venus is in 5th aspected to Mars. The Moon gets Scorpio navamsa and is
conjoined with a malefic. This suggests 'subtle' diseases. The native was a victim of
4: Born: 13.10.1930 Star: Aslesha
Balance of Mercury's period: 15 9-18
This is a clear case of diabetes. The 5th house is aspected by all the malefics, though
Jupiterian aspect counterpoises the effects to some extent. Also the lord of the 7th Mars is
in the house of a malefic and aspected a malefic. (vide 18 above). Ketu is in the 6th. All
these led to urinary diseases and diabetes.
5: Born: 13.10.1932 Star: Uttarashadha
Balance of the Sun's period: 1 - 9 - 10
In this, there is mutual aspect of Mars and Saturn. The 8th is occupied by Ketu. Venus is
afflicted. Lord of the 7th is in the house of a malefic and is aspected by a malefic (vide 18
above). These factors led to diabetes
6: Born: 6.8.1939 Star: Bharani
Balance of the period of Venus: 12 - 6 - 21
The lord of the 6th is conjoined with a malefic. Lord of the 7th is in the house of a
malefic aspected by malefic (vide 18). Mars and Saturn aspect each other. Mars has
navamsa in a watery sign. Finally, Venus is combust. All these indicate diabetes.
This is essentially a report of the analysis of three hundred cases of diabetes.It is hoped
that the readers will examine new cases and come forward with useful results. It is hoped
that this will be a stimulus to the readers when the World Diabetes Day is observed.