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I care about
Safe with Mobiliz.
With Mobiliz, I am in control, I am comfortable.
Why Tracking System?
Vehicle tracking systems, regardless of the number of vehicles, are a system that is widely used not only in Turkey but
also all over the world because of the important benefits it provides to every business line from almost every sector.
Turkey is one of the two fastest growing countries in Europe in vehicle tracking system usage. The system offers an
important technological opportunity that can be easily enjoyed by companies of almost any size, besides the multifaceted benefits it provides, in which the investment made is very small. Whatever the job you do, the system is almost
certain to benefit you in many ways. In the ever-increasing mobile life, the increasing competition, increasing fuel prices,
and more importantly, the time becoming the most valuable asset necessitate every institution to manage its resources
very carefully and correctly. Tracking systems, your vehicles in the field, your cargo, It allows your driver, your child, in
short, everything you care about to be under your control and put you at ease. Thanks to the tracking system, you can
reduce your fuel consumption, reduce accidents, manage your power in the field efficiently, prevent abuses, serve your
customers better, and stay ahead of the competition with special solutions suitable for your industry.
Why are we mobile?
Organizations that act with the awareness that choosing a vehicle tracking system is a service purchase that will last for many years
rather than just purchasing a device, are aware of the importance of the persistence of the company they will make the purchase
decision, the importance it attaches to R&D, its experience in this field, the follow-up of the latest technology and after-sales services and
makes its decisions accordingly. Mobiliz, which was established in 2004 by the first people who developed vehicle tracking systems
technology in Turkey with over 25 years of R&D experience, is the Mobiliz NG (Next Generation) tracking system developed by experts
with the world's most assertive user interface and system performance. For this reason, it has been the choice of many national and
international reputable organizations, most of which are industry leaders. In more than 15,000 companies in total
Mobiliz, whose systems are used in more than 350,000 vehicles, has the feature of having installed the system of Türk
Telekom, which has the largest vehicle fleet in Turkey, as well as the largest vehicle tracking system provided by a
Turkish company abroad.
Fast growing
“Deloitte Technology Fast50
with international investment fund
and EMEA Fast 500 Program”
Awards received 3 years in a row
Turkey's largest
Growing cooperation with operators
and strong solution partners
Serving more than 15 thousand brands and
more than 350,000 vehicles, most of
which are leaders in their sectors
Major Projects at Home and Abroad
Turkey's largest Vehicle Tracking Project
Owns Turkey's largest fleet
realized abroad
Türk Telekom Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Project
Innovative and Powerful Technology
R&D pioneer in the sector with TÜBİTAK
The choice of leading brands with its ability to
approved projects
integrate into custom project and enterprise
resource software
It has a strong infrastructure with the capacity to
The company that closely follows the trends in technology,
process over 100 million messages per day, located in
offers innovative and competitive solutions, and invests the
an earthquake resistant data center built for 24/7
most in technology and R&D in the sector.
uninterrupted service
Customer Satisfaction in Focus
An easy-to-use, modern, industry-leading, new user experience developed with
experts in the field
Industry-specific service packages
Fast, serviceable technical support teams
Why are we mobile?
Vehicle tracking systems
in the field 25 years
over to experience
expert staff with
Turkey's most
large vehicle fleet
Fast 50 and EMEA FAST
2015 and 2016 years
Bilisim 500 Mobile
500 in their programs
Application Revenues
Deloitte Technology
taken three years in a row
including owner association
all GSM operators
vehicle tracking
Turkey 3.That
mostly sector
consisting of leaders
customer portfolio
1 vehicle with
10,000 vehicles
24/7 uninterrupted data
ranging fleet
have size,
in the center, on the day
abroad by vehicle
Turkey's largest
domestic and international
total 350,000from
100 million over
strong message processor
with system infrastructure
vehicle tracking system
more vehicle service
technology firm
the founding company
issuing firm
In fleet management;
in 81 provinces quality and fast
expert solution center
sales with authorized services
and Technical support
teams with high
after services
customer happiness
offering company
in fuel expenses
20% at idle time
20%, out of hours
15% in use
savings and space
15% in operations
productivity increase
at most 6 months
600+ vehicle make
and model CANBus
made to the system
system with compatibility
return on investment
ready for integration,
Large web service
The most innovative, userfriendly vehicle tracking web and
mobile app
the needs of every industry
appropriate 60+ reporting
trip computer data
to customer systems
Turkey, experts
developed by
and custom solution
Mobilize in 3 Words:
With Mobiliz Vehicle Tracking Products, you can instantly monitor all the movements of your vehicle and
driver during the day, all detailed information such as speed, route, vehicle usage, from your computer or
mobile phone.
Economic Package DT455
It is used to meet the basic vehicle monitoring needs of passenger and
commercial vehicle owners. It provides the users with the current and
historical detailed reports as well as the location, speed, idling and other
information of the vehicles.
Standard Package DT465
In addition to basic information such as location, speed and idling of passenger
and commercial vehicles, it offers additional information and reporting that the
business will need with a wider selection of accessories.
Advanced Package DT430
In addition to the Standard Package with Battery, it is a package that allows
connection of many sensors and external units. Compatible with
downloading remote tachograph data.
CANBus Package DT430 CAN
It is an advanced vehicle tracking package with CANBus technology, which obtains
critical information such as fuel consumption, tank level and engine speed, as well
as the vehicle's location, speed, and idling information, from the on-board
computer and offers it to the user. This information can be obtained from 600
brand model vehicles. It has an e-mark certificate.
MotoTracking Package DT402
It is a safety package offered to motorcycle owners. For the first time in Turkey, it is easy
to install thanks to a small tracking device specially designed for a motorcycle. Thanks to
the minimum current consumption it provides by using its internal battery when the
ignition is off, it does not consume the battery of the motorcycle unless it is turned off
for a very long time. Built-in battery and built-in g-sensor
(motion sensor) Thanks to this, the motorcycle generates an alarm in case of
unwanted interventions. Thanks to the immobilizer control, the engine can be
stopped remotely in case of theft.
OBDII - Easy Pack DT450NC
Vehicle tracking unit with OBDII Connector, OBD (on Board
diagnostic) It simply plugs into the connector and is used only to
monitor position, speed and total mileage. OBD of vehicles
(on Board diagnostic) It is a basic and economical package that is easy to
install, which does not require a cable, thanks to its direct insertion into its
connector. It sends an alarm when it is removed thanks to its internal
battery. It is ideal for applications with frequent tool changes and not
requiring high security.
OBDII – Advanced Package DT450
OBD of vehicles (On Board Diagnostic) With the vehicle tracking unit with OBDII
Chip, which is directly attached to the connector, information about the location,
speed, instant fuel consumption and vehicle usage is also obtained from the
vehicle's trip computer CANBus. OBD of vehicles (On Board Diagnostic) It is a trip
computer package that does not require a cable thanks to its direct plugging into
the connector.
With Mobiliz Freight Tracking Products, you can instantly monitor the valuable cargoes in the field, and let
the system inform you automatically when they leave the warehouse and arrive at the destination.
Freight Tracking Package
It is a service package that enables businesses to monitor their
critical loads in trailers, containers, train wagons, helicopters and
similar places where electricity is not available, and to prevent
financial losses.
With Mobiliz Person/Pet Tracking Products, you can continuously monitor your precious children, elderly and
pets, and you will be automatically informed when they leave the area you have specified. You can access the
information about where they wandered in the past on your mobile phone.
Smart Watch MAST770: Developed for tracking children, the
elderly and patients in a mobile environment, the person tracking
package enables the detection of your valuables and voice calls in
case of emergency.
Smart Bracelet: Developed for tracking pets in a mobile environment,
the Smart Bracelet also enables the location of your valuables to be
determined for the purpose of tracking people and loads.
With Mobiliz DVR/NVR Products, you can monitor the interior and exterior of the vehicle simultaneously with up to
4 high-definition cameras, and you can access the images recorded for security purposes in the memory on the
Mobile DVR/NVR and Camera Package
It is a camera package that provides instant video images by integrating
with the mobile DVR/NVR vehicle tracking system, provides current and
historical location information, and enables video recording.
Vehicle Tracking Packages Comparison Chart
Package Types
Web Based System Features
Easy to use
Quick access to summary information on the basis of organization, fleet and group
Ability to filter vehicles on the map according to 6 different options
Instant query on a vehicle basis
Periodic monitoring by time
Ability to get the density map of the vehicle or vehicles selected on the map in a certain time interval Monitoring
according to the entered region and exited region
Monitoring according to control points
Monitoring according to violation values
Tracking features on the map on the basis of vehicle, group, fleet and organization Summary
information on the basis of daily vehicle
Detailed information screens on the basis of daily vehicles and animation
feature Ability to query vehicles passing through a certain point
Features of zoom-in, zoom-out, scrolling the map, focusing according to the vehicle on the map, address, speed,
daily total distance, message warning and violation warning and number of vehicles on the same screen Easy user
Ability to authorize user types to view vehicles Driver
identification and easy vehicle identification for drivers
Receiving reports about vehicle, driver, violation, overtime, area-route sensor, trailer, voyage, user and trip computer (Note1)
Receiving automatic e-mail by programming reports for the desired
time Receiving reports in pdf, excel and CSV formats
Ability to receive reports in 9 languages
Seeing detailed notifications according to the violation programming defined for the vehicles
Access to the training videos of the narrated web, Android and IOS applications
Programming Features (On the basis of vehicle and group)
Determination of time frequency
Determination of distance frequency
Determination of angle of rotation
Determination of violation
parameters Time to start work
time to quit
Speed Limit
Instant idle time
Daily idle time
Instant stop time
Daily downtime
Daily movement time
Driver count limitation if driver ID units are used (Note1)
Sudden start/stop or accident notification
No GSM connection warning
Movement warning with ignition off
Sudden low fuel warning (Note1)
Motion alert without driver (if using driver ID units)Note1)
Ability to receive all violations by e-mail GPS antenna disconnection / connection status information
Modular sensor for vehicles (temperature, fuel level, humidity level) being able to program (Note1)
Periodic operations of vehicles (tax, maintenance, inspection...etc) ability to define and receive alerts
Package Types
Determining Domain Violation Parameters
Entered zone warning
Exiting zone warning
Entry / exit warning to control points
Quick Reporting Opportunities
Vehicle based reports
Violation based reports
Driver based reports
Overtime reports
Area / route reports
Sensor reports
Trailer based reports
User reports
Check-in / Check-out
contact input
Emergency button
Door/lid/damper/mixer sensor Fuel
tank cap sensor
temperature sensor
Driver ID set
Card reader
CANBus accessory
Simultaneous CANBus and card reader accessory
Immobilizer engine blockage
In-vehicle acoustic warning
Analogue fuel connection
Possibility to use with internal
battery Special use key
Tachograph data download
Additional Software Applications
My child is safe
My passenger is safe, camera monitoring system compatibility
Smart stop software
Compatibility with earthmoving software
iPHONE/iPAD (iOS) vehicle tracking application
ANDROID vehicle tracking application
OGS/HGS transition feature
Tachograph integration
available as standard
optionally available
not available
You can determine the compatible accessories according to the package you want to use from the optional accessories table.
Note1: Getting reports according to connected sensors
Optional Accessories Table
Package Name
Emergency Call
Engine Blocking
DT912 Audible
Warning Buzzer Driver ID
Card reader
5 Meter Temperature
10 meters
(MiFare or Proximity)
Package DT455
Standard Package DT465
(or Standard Package with Battery)
Advanced Package DT430
CANBus Package
√ (*) Only 1 product can be used at the same time. √ (**) Only 1 product can be used at a time.
Temperature Sensor
DT4913 Special
Mixer Sensor
THR 4100
HF Audio Kit
Special Solutions
My child is safe
It is a special solution that enables children to check their arrival
times to school and home with the school bus, informs parents via
SMS, and monitors the speed of the shuttle vehicles and their
compliance with the route plan.
My PassengerSafe
My Passenger Is Safe Solution is a special solution that enables you to
monitor the vehicles, the passengers in the vehicle, the driver, the
route traveled and the load carried live, with special cameras. There
are online monitoring or offline record monitoring options.
Earthwork Solution
It is a special solution that enables the control of the waste dumping of the
excavation transport vehicles in the city to the areas determined by the
municipality and the storage area areas. Thanks to the special solution, the
permits of the vehicles are issued in a short time and the excavation
vehicles are managed effectively and efficiently.
Stop Tracking Solution
Stop Tracking Solution is a special solution that provides tracking and
control of the timely arrival and departure of minibuses and buses to
stop points.
Ready Mixed Concrete Solution
It is a special solution that enables the delivery of the product in
healthy conditions at the desired time and provides efficient
distribution planning, and control the fuel consumption of readymixed concrete vehicles. Thanks to the system, the entire process from
order to delivery is effectively managed.
Usage Based Insurance
Mobiliz, to provide Usage Based Insurance (UBI) solutions, was
founded by MobilDriver Analysis Systems A.Ş. has joined forces
with one of the world's leading companies under the name of.
Offering only UBI solutions, the company provides solutions
related to driver risk profile detection and management.
General M2M Solutions
Temperature, humidity, etc. of various environments such as chicken breeding
farms, greenhouses. Special solutions are provided with the projects developed
for follow-up.
Mobiliz Tracking Systems
It is used by more than
15,000 reputable brands.
Mobiliz Information and Communication Technologies Inc.
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