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To Be In Context
(Present SIMPLE)
1.Read and complete.
Pete: Oh, Dad! Are these your photographs?
Dad: Yes, they are. They’re from my photo album.
Pete: Look at this small boy! _________ he your friend?
Dad: No, _____________. It ________ Nick, my brother
and your uncle. He _______ only five years old on this photograph. And
this _______ me.
Pete: ________you in the park?
Dad: No, we _________in the school yard.
Pete: Oh, look at this girl! She ________ so
pretty. _______ she my aunt Jane?
Dad: No, she ________ Jane.
Pete: ________ she your friend?
Dad: Yes, she _______.
Pete: What ________ her name?
Dad: Annie.
Pete: Annie?
Dad: Yes, it ________ your mom,
2. Read and complete.
Hi! I am Paul. I am the reporter of our school radio station. I
______ in class 8A. We _______ a big class, 15 boys and 14
girls. We like school very much. My classroom ____________
nice. It ___________ (not) very big, but it _________
comfortable. Sam and Pam ________________ my friends.
They _______ good friends. They ________ in my class. My
teacher’s name is Mrs. Green. My favourite subjects are Physics and
Maths. My favourite music ____________ rock. I want to have friends
from other classes. I will be glad to see you in our studio.
Yan.Hello. Are you from here?
Alex: No, we 2) ___________. 3) ____________ you?
Yan.No, I 4) _____________from Italy. My name5)
__________ Yan.
Alex: Pleased to meet you. I 6)__________ Alex. And
these 7)_______ Helen and Max.
Yan: This 8)_________ Monika und this 9)_______ Peter. Where 10) _________ you
Helen: We 11) _____________ from Russia.
Monika: 12) _________ you from Moscow?
Helen: No, we 13)___________. We 14)______________
from Saint Petersburg. And you?
Monika: We 15) ____________from Poland, Warsaw.
Max: 16) ___________ you here on study trip?
Peter: No, we 16) _________. It’s a holiday trip. This 17) _________ a beautiful place.
Alex: Yes it 18) ______________. 19) ___________ the
the trip interesting?
Yan: Yes, of course. There is a lot of wonderful parks and
museums here. 20) ________ you on holiday too?
Alex: No, we _________ on business. But we also have a
lot of fun!
4. Read and complete.
Mom: Pete, it’s 8 o’clock. You are late for
Pete: Oh, Mom! 1) Where is my bag?
Mom: 2) It’s under the table.
Pete: 3) _____________ my books?
Pete: 5) ____________ my pencilbox?
Mom: 6) ___________near the lamp.
Pete: OK, I’m ready. Mom, __________ is
my hat?
Mom: Pete, your hat is on your head, your
shoes are on your feet, your gloves are on
your hands.
Mom: 4) _____________
on the table.
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