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Diane Ulicsni
Sports Performance Coaching in Oregon and Washington
I interviewed Diane about her sports performance coaching work. We spent an hour
on the phone discussing how long she has been doing this, and what methodologies
she finds most helpful. She has had excellent success with runners, golfers,
gymnasts, baseball players, and teams (volleyball, baseball, etc.). She has worked
with top athletes in all levels of competition, and understands how to guide the
athlete from a slump, to peak performance, and on to victory.
Diane is trained and certified in numerous methodologies, which include, Hypnosis,
Brainspotting, Guided Imagery, Neurolingquistic Programming (NLP), and
HeartMath technologies. She hasn’t just studied these tools, she has become a
Master Practitioner in all of them. She has high standards and is thorough in her
work. She does in person or tele-coaching.
Diane first spends time with the coaching staff to find out what their goals are and
their styles of coaching. She discovers what their frustrations and challenges are,
what has worked and what has not, and then teaches them what she will teach the
players. She said this helps get the buy in from the coaching staff, and creates overall
team building. Diane also coaches the players and coaches together, with a wide
variety of mental skills training, including breathing techniques, visualization and
guided imagery. She finds that when the coaches and players are together, the
follow up is more efficient. She has also helped numerous coaches develop and
optimize their coaching strategies, to guide their players and team to success. As a
Sports Performance Coach, Diane utilizes the latest findings in mind-body sciences,
combined with techniques and training exercises from, Heartmath, Neuolinguistic
Programming (NLP), and hypnosis.
Diane talked about what she sees consistently in athletes. She reported a lot of
anxiety, stress of performance, and balancing life with the extreme demands on
their time and body. Injury recovery is another source of struggles, a long with
repetitive sports traumas (injuries, abusive coaches or parents, failure or
She offers “Breakthough” coaching programs. This is an individual, concentrated
intervention method. It is an open-ended coaching format that will disrupt an
athlete’s old habits and patterns long enough for new habits to be installed.
“Breakthough” coaching follows a sequence of multiple coaching sessions per week.
Often it is 3 back-to-back sessions, lasting 2-3 hours each during a single week. The
recommend time period for breakthrough coaching is approximately a month, and
the common understanding here is with scientific backing that it takes
approximately 21 days to create a habit.
I would recommend anyone who wants to learn more about working with athletes,
or a coach or athlete who wants to reach a higher level of peak performance call this
amazing sports performance coach!