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WHAT IS Osteoporosis ?
Osteoporosis is a common disease in the whole
world , the danger in that disease is that you
can't figure out if you have it early, because the
Symptoms of osteoporosis is not clear , this
disease is common specially among women .
There is a lot of causes for osteoporosis like
when the bones lose the minerals such as
calcium or when there is no enough vitamin D in
the body , and smoking cigarettes .
How can you know if you have osteoporosis
before your bones break? There are several
ways to measure bone density
Type of Diagnosis
Bone Mineral Density
Almost 80% of bone density is determined by
heredity, and 20% by lifestyle. Bone mineral density
tests (BMD) shows how dense bones are and
whether you have osteoporosis. This information
helps determine which prevention or treatment
steps are needed. Learn more.
Peak Bone Mass
Around age 30, your bones reach their maximum
strength and density, known as peak bone mass
The Effects Of Osteoporosis
There are several types of treatment available,
and often a combination will be more
appropriate than just one
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
Strontium ranelate
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